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VT publisher sues Sen. Elizabeth Warren for trying to stop Mercola “Truth About COVID-19” book

Dr. Joseph Mercola

A lawsuit filed today against Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) alleges the senator violated the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by seeking to stop booksellers from selling and/or promoting the plaintiffs’ book, “The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal.”

The book’s co-authors, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronald Cummins, along with author of the foreword, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and publisher, Chelsea Green Publishing, Inc., filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.

The complaint relates to a letter from Warren to, Inc., the world’s largest bookseller, warning Amazon’s “peddling” of plaintiffs’ book is “potentially unlawful.”

The letter does not specify what laws Amazon is “potentially” breaking.

According to the complaint, in Bantam Books v. Sullivan, the U.S. Supreme Court held  state officials violated the First Amendment by sending letters to booksellers warning the sale of certain books was potentially unlawful.

Warren’s letter calls on Amazon to stop selling ‘The Truth About COVID-19’ on the grounds it purportedly contains “vaccine misinformation.” The term “vaccine misinformation,” as Warren uses it, refers to any speech challenging the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines, even when that speech consists of factually accurate information or reasonable and protected opinion. 

Plaintiffs allege Warren’s letter contained blatant falsehoods and unsubstantiated accusations about the book and that Warren’s claims, even if correct, would not alter the book’s constitutional protectedness.

“Senator Warren broke the law and betrayed our fundamental right to free speech,” said Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of, a natural health website. “No politician is above the law, I will do everything in my power to defend my constitutional rights as an American.”

Ronnie Cummins, co-founder of the Organic Consumers Association, said: “Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech is necessary if we are to achieve a system of participatory democracy and solve the interrelated crises that threaten our survival — health, food, environment, climate, politics.”

“The government trying to ban books is a very dangerous slippery slope to totalitarianism and cannot be allowed,” said Margo Baldwin, Chelsea Green president and publisher.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman, Children’s Health Defense, said: “If a government can hide what it’s doing by censoring its opponents and silencing dissonants, it has license to do anything that it wants. Sen. Warren must be held accountable.”

Vermont-based Chelsea Green Publishing, founded in 1984, is an American publisher of non-fiction books focusing on nature and the environment, organic food and agriculture, holistic health, and community resilience.

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  1. I first learned of this book in Vermont Daily Chronicle and purchase it – in print copy and audible versions. I highly recommend it. The lawsuit sounds warranted and I wish the author good luck.

  2. Look at this, the 2021 version of a book burning! I’m certainly glad I purchased my copy of this book early. I’m now sitting at my entrance door with a shotgun across my lap in case “they” come for my copy of the book. Any bets that they will? I really feel like I’ve fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole.

  3. Just ordered this from Amazon. Interestingly I noticed other Plandemic and such books available that I don’t recall being publicly called out. Must be something special in this book they don’t want people to know. Thanks Guy for staying with this story.

  4. And the ideology of the elite left continues on…unabated by laws written centuries ago. Principles that founded this nation must be stripped away, as these marxists “Build Back Better”.
    One can certainly distinguish and stereotype easily the divisions created in this country over the last 20 months. Warren exemplifies the intolerance of her ilk, almost fascist- but not quite. just straddling the line, so she might remain relevant to her supporters and keep taking their “donations”.

    • ‘Please don’t throw me in that briar patch.’

      Warren demonstrates a distinct absence of intelligence and common sense, perhaps commensurate with her station in the Democrat Party. The last thing a deliberate and thinking person would do to stifle the emergence of a book such as this is to overtly try to prevent Amazon from selling it.

  5. Democrats not even pretending to believe in the basic freedoms guaranteed in this great country. citizens need to remind those in government they work for us and were never meant to be the boss

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