VT podcaster predicted pandemic, vax mandates in September 2019

Claudia Stauber of “Cabin Talk” predicts the pandemic and vax mandates on this September, 2019 video podcast.

by Guy Page

A Vermont video podcaster’s prediction of the pandemic and vaccine mandates months before the pandemic happened is going viral.

“A mandatory adult vaccine is just around the corner. All we need is a little pandemic and there you go, there you have it,” said “Cabin Talk” podcaster and Vermonter Claudia Stauber September 20, 2019.

The video had 285,000 views as of 11:30 this morning. Cabin Talk has about 32,000 YouTube followers. 

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t come to the world’s attention until (some say) December, 2019. InfoWars website commenters are calling her a “time-traveler” because her prediction of an unforeseen global pandemic and resulting mandatory vaccines has come to pass. 

In fact, Stauber appeared to base her prophecy on two events that were in the planning stages at the time. 

“First of all, Bill Gates said there will be a pandemic and at least 38 million people will die,” she said. This could be a reference to an October, 2019 high-level pandemic exercise funded by Gates, a longtime advocate for global vaccines. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201 on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The planning scenario sketched out the response to an animal-based pandemic originating in China. 

Stauber said that in September two years ago, she was not only observing these developments, but was following online observers that have been predicting a global pandemic. She’s rueful about the recent attention. “Now it’s waking people up, but it didn’t two years ago.”

“We’re heading for a sketchy time,” Stauber predicted. We’re headed for massive food shortages, where people will not have food. People will not be eating or will pay astronomical costs for food.”

“I think eventually the power will go out,” Stauber said. “They want to make the Great Reset. But it won’t be possible unless they destroy the current (system). If the power would go out for a month or so, that would be the perfect time to put what they want in place.”

People need to be making plans to care for themselves. Yet government spending is making people more dependent, rather than more independent, she said.

She also told viewers about a soon-to-be published (September 24, 2019) Trump executive order initiating a task force committed to rapidly producing vaccines in case of a virus outbreak.

Both Event 201 and the executive order would have been public knowledge at the time to well-informed vaccine freedom advocates like Stauber. She need not have been a time-traveler or Nostradumus. But her canny predictions about global implementation of quarantines and vaccination mandates have largely come true.  

Let the listener beware before tuning into the six-minute, 51 second video: Stauber’s language is sometimes salty in the Navy sailor use of the term. Her call to action is intense: “This is the land of the free and the brave, or is it the land of the Sheep and the Slave? That’s what you need to decide right now.”

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  1. Claudia is Aces in my book… Great work Claudia and thank you Vermont Daily Chronicle for highlighting Claudia’s work…

  2. Stauber and friends should join in the We the Parents Rally at the State House on Saturday, Oct. 23, from 11-1. No vax, no mask mandates, no CRT in our schools, and no elementary sex ed classes – are themes for Rally. Calling all who are willing to step up and be a voice and take it home to be a voice in your own communities. Check out Freedom Pods and form local teams.

  3. I must admit, of course, I agree with Claudia Stauber’s sentiments regarding the pandemic and vaccinations. But I’m not sure what to make of her. This is my first introduction to her blogosphere.

    While reviewing some of Ms. Stauber’s ‘Cabin Talk’ posts, I’m trying to get a handle on her motivating philosophy, which remains somewhat vague to me. Yes, there are many specifics in what persuades her in this instance that I agree with. And that she predicted the pandemic and vaccination mandates is notable. But more so because she did so as publicly as she did rather than it was for being an imaginative, perceptive, and innovative perspective. Many of us, after all, living as independently as we can in Vermont’s back woods, are equally suspect of the various political factions that have run amuck.

    But Ms. Stauber’s political background, being a former Bernie Sanders progressive, for example, gives me pause. Yes, she now sees that Bernie is just as much, if not more so, a practitioner of political deceit, as are any of the other good-cop bad-cop politicians mismanaging our government. But I wonder if she understands the systemic benefits of our Constitutional Republic, the individual liberty and freedom inherent in free market economies (as opposed to ‘crony capitalism’). Is she still in favor of big government, as Bernie has always been? What does she think of School Choice?.. and the other libertarian sensibilities our Republican (not the party!) form of government is designed to protect?

    In this regard, to me at least, she remains an enigma. But, thanks to Guy, she and her contemporaries are now on the radar, and I will continue to pay attention to these folks with as open a mind as I can muster.

  4. Remarkably prescient! I can’t help noticing Claudia’s accent (German?) and wondering if her seeming clairvoyance is nothing more than a reading and appreciation of her own country’s history? Perhaps we should all take heed – history has a rather annoying habit of repeating itself.

  5. Things “happen” 2 ways, either PLANNED or “accidentally”..A man-made virus is one thing, a MANDATORY vaccination is ANOTHER altogether, step back & ask “why”? WHY would “they” want to hold people down and INJECT them w/meds they don’t need nor want? WHY? Why would “they” array the Gov.’t, the media, and ALL their gov.’t deep-state tentacles (see “Operation Mockingbird”) align to FORCE this upon the public? “Agenda 21”? “The Great Replacement”? Why completely disregard NATURAL immunity (free) and discount damn near all therapeutics? And WHY are “all cause deaths” (see silenced Alex Berenson) rising exponentially in “vaccinated” western countries, mostly males & mostly from “heart issues”? And MY favorite, WHY was I BOOTED from the weekly “Guv Phil & Dr. Levine Show” just for asking “uncomfortable” questions last Feb., 1st excuse being “racist comments & questions” (None!) then for being “Hobby News” (as IF there were such a thing!) the very next day? There is something going on here that just doesn’t pass the smell test, something sinister I fear..Anyways, GO Claudia! She paid attention & connected the dots first & a LOT of this leads directly to Bill Gates & his sinister “friends”..So shut up, don’t ask questions, & take your Government Injection, or ELSE!

    • I think he did a lot while staying within his constitutional authority. He banned flights from China very early on (against calls of racism from the Democrats) and then went on to developing a vaccine in world-record time – all while being “impeached” due to political differences of opinion. COVID is a man-made virus (now endemic) that cannot be eliminated in a human population, at least with current technology – New Zealand has proved that.

      With the benefit of hindsight, what would you have liked to seen President Trump do differently?

      • I am so sick and tired of these old liberals and never Trumpers who say they detest President Trump. When the wealthy and the media thought Trump was a democrat they all fawned over him and begged him for campaign money. In NY, as a developer he had to deal with corruption, the mafia and crooked politicians to get anything done. This so called racist man hired a black man as his driver and employed him for years. All the socialites wanted to be seen with him. He’s never done drugs, drank alcohol or smoked his whole life. Compare that to Biden off spring and family.

        Then when he ran for president they all turned on him because he knew who the crooks were and where they operated. The left wing media went on a never ending tantrum and pushed fake stories day in and day out. The Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coi a law firm to find dirt on him and the Russian fake story was broadcasted every day. An ex-British spy was hired to dig up dirt and the Trump dossier was concocted. The FBI added a coup to take down the president. Witch hunt after witch hunt, investigations costing millions and two impeachment trials couldn’t bring him down. He did more for this country than any former president under all this stress. How easily we forget the good that happened under his watch.

        They eventually took him out of office by inventing a pandemic with a manmade
        virus paid for in part by US taxpayers money funneled illegally to China by Fauci. The pandemic created the bogus election and even Joe Biden proclaimed that they had put together the most sophisticated voter fraud organization and that you didn’t have to vote for him. He knew he could hide and win the election. Now, look at America.

        We have all paid for this deception, theft of an election and a killer vaccine experimental drug being forced on the free people of the USA. And these idiots all despise Trump. Not one of them could walk in his shoes or hold a candle to what he’s done in his life and to the benefit of our country and the world. These people make me sick and so do our Vermont so called RINOs like the governor who voted for Joe Biden. If that doesn’t demonstrate a serious lack of critical thinking, I don’t know what does. He assisted in the current destruction happening to America right now. These people have no shame in public and I hope that Karma will meet up with all of them at a later date. Don’t expect an answer to your question to Phantom. The comment was made with blind hate driven by liberal DJT psychoses and lies. FJB!