VT National Guard troops at Kabul airport

Vermont National Guard photo from 2010 deployment in Kabul, Afghanistan. Spc. Steven Griggs, a truck driver for Alpha Company, 186th Brigade Support Battalion, Vermont Army National Guard, in front of his Rhino Runner Aug. 10, 2010, at Camp Phoenix in Kabul.

Vermont National Guard units are currently serving in support of Operation Allies Refuge in Kabul, Afghanistan.

A small contingent from the 3rd Battalion, 172nd Infantry (Mountain), 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Mountain) arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan earlier this month to support security operations at the Hamid Karzai International Airport, a Vermont National Guard statement said.

Additional units from the 172nd currently support Special Immigration Visa holders processing through locations within U.S. Central Command.

“Our soldiers from Task Force Avalanche trained and deployed to support their combatant commander in whatever mission they might be assigned,” said Maj. Gen. Greg Knight, Vermont’s adjutant general. “While we can’t always predict exactly what that mission may look like, I know our soldiers are ready and will excel in this important humanitarian mission.”

Task Force Avalanche, comprised of Soldiers from Vermont’s 3-172 IN (MTN), as well as elements from several other states including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Colorado, deployed to locations within U.S. Central Command in February 2021. As part of U.S. Army Central, Task Force Avalanche primarily serves Operation Spartan Shield which provides a U.S. military posture in Southwest Asia to strengthen defense relationships and build partnerships.

In addition, units of the 86th deployed to Kosovo in support of U.S. Europe Command are preparing to assist the Department of State by temporarily housing Special Immigrant Visa holders, if necessary. The 86th assumed operational control of Regional Command-East, headquartered at Camp Bondsteel, last month. Regional Command-East represents a full complement of contributing NATO and partner nations.

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