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VT man, grandson killed while stacking wood in Maine

A Jericho man and his grandson were killed in Maine Wednesday when an SUV veered off the road and struck them while they were stacking wood.

Michael Gilbar, 65, of Jericho, and Joseph Perry, 15, a student at Mt. Mansfield Union High in Jericho, were outside stacking wood at Gilbar’s summer home in Sanford, Maine when a 2000 Chevy Equinox struck them. Police and media reports did not identify the driver, nor his/her reason for leaving the road. No charges have been filed yet. 

Photos in the August 4 Bangor Daily News show a home in a quiet suburban neighborhood, located about six miles from the oceanside community of Kennebunkport. They also show a woodpile with what appear to be tire tracks on the lawn nearby. 

There is no sidewalk on the street. The BDN news story cites neighbors saying traffic has increased in both speed and volume in recent years.

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  1. Mr. Page, I do not believe the lines on the ground are tire tracks. Forensically speaking it doesn’t hold up. I believe those are shadows from power lines. If a car were to leave the lines on the ground as shown in the picture, then there would be more ground damage than dark lines on the ground. Do an internet search for “picture of tire tracks on grass” and you will see what I am referring to in this regard.