VT hospital ICU doctor vents against vax refusers

“Entitled and privileged” to refuse vaccine and expect intubation, medicine in ICU, he says

by Guy Page

The University of Vermont Medical Center today responded to inquiries about the hospital’s chief of critical care’s social media criticism of vaccine-refusing patients.

Dr. Gilman Allen, chief of critical care and a critical care specialist in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at UVMMC, wrote recently on social media:

Dr. Gilman Allen, UVMMC photo

“What is more entitled and privileged than refusing an effective vaccine because of your ‘God given right to decide what goes into your body,’ but then expect overworked and burned out healthcare providers to lay their lives on the line to intubate and prone you in the ICU, and spend tens of 1000s of dollars on [medications] as a last ditch effort to save you from a disease that you ‘don’t believe in”?!”

“Choosing not to vaccinate comes from a selfish point of privilege and entitlement,” Allen he wrote in a separate post.

The Instagram posts above were forwarded to Vermont Daily Chronicle by a reader and Vermont resident who commented, “like this makes me comforted to have my family under his care! And they wonder why we are worried we would get different care?”

David Chong, who also posted, is a critical care physician in New York City.

Vermont Daily Chronicle sent the first screen shot (at left) to UVMMC this morning and requested a comment. In response, UVMMC public relations official Annie Mackin responded:

“Health care workers across the UVM Health Network have been doing everything they can for two years to respond to the ever-changing challenges of COVID-19.

“Roughly 75% of the patients we treat in our ICUs for COVID-19-related illness are unvaccinated, and they sometimes stay for weeks or months as their health care team does everything possible to save their lives. Every patient who comes to a UVM Health Network facility receives high quality, compassionate care from our hardworking staff. They are tired, but they continue to do their part. We ask the public to do the same.

“We know our best hope of ending this crisis is vaccination. We know vaccination isn’t a silver bullet against COVID-19 infection, but it is the best protection we have against severe cases, and it’s the best way for people to stay out of the hospital and the ICU, reduce the pressure on our regional health care system and give our workforce the relief they deserve. People who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine are putting themselves, their loved ones, their friends, neighbors and health care workers at risk.

“COVID-19 vaccines are widely available in our region at pharmacies, doctors’ offices and other places. To find a vaccine appointment near you, go to or call 1-800-232-0233.”

UVMMC has been short-staffed during the recent Omicron-related spike in Covid-19 cases and hospitalization.

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  1. Strangely, this looks like a Facebook post, but y’all seem on top of things (and not archaic, at all), so your headline must be correctly calling this Instagram.

    • Also. This is a screenshot of a “friends only” Facebook post taken from someone’s private Facebook space and then shared on Instagram by someone else. This not sourced as you are stating. You are incorrect.

  2. I am also an employee there and I grapple every day with needing a job and working for an institution that thinks so little of me because I am unvaccinated. I have felt discriminated against and shamed. I have been tested every week since October 15 and been negative every time, while my vaccinated coworkers have been sick and out of work, with URIs or getting covid despite the vaccine, out because of reactions to it, or out because their children have to go home from school due to an exposure or runny nose. I’ve seen coworkers go have Peace of Mind testing DAILY during the holidays who are vaxed and wonder to myself why on earth they would do this when they are “protected”. But let’s face it, even vaccinated people are getting covid. Don’t let them tell you any different. Most with co-morbidities. Even the CDC Director came out and said 75% have 4 or more c-morbidities.
    Some are truly scared, but some have taken advantage of the fact they got Covid pay for those call outs. Now that they will have to use up their earned time first for these instances, I’m guessing people will be coming to work despite having a sniffle. I do feel bad for those with little kids who constantly have to juggle restrictions day cares and schools have put on them over simple cold or teething symptoms. The cold and flu do still exist people.
    I take vitamin D3, zinc and magnesium, and Vit C, and have been since this all started. I also take nasal inhalers as needed and bought a nebulizer and solution, because I will not be going to the hospital if I get covid. I’ll take my chances at home and I’m quite confident I will survive it. It does, after all, have a nearly 100% survival rate. And I have plenty of unvaccinated nurse friends who would help me in a heartbeat. With that said, I do support everyone’s right to choose for themselves.

    • I was profoundly struck by your statement that you will not allow yourself to be admitted into a hospital if you get COVID-19, as you work in a hospital. Many people, including my father, passed while hospitalization for COVID. Thw hospital protocols approved by the CDC are terrifying at best. One such protocol is the use of Remdesivir, an antiviral drug, approved through an EUA. The WHO has stayed that no country should be using this drug for COVID-19. This drug proved so fatal that it was pulled from an Ebola clinical trial prior to it’s conclusion. Remdesivir caused organ and Kidney failure. Kidney failure will cause your lungs to fill with fluid, and presents like Pheumonia. My father died of COVID induced Pheumonia. He experienced kidney issues just prior to death, and yes, the hospital gave him Remdesivir. Almost no onakes it out of a hospital alive.

      • CJ, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. For the reasons you just stated, I have no interest in getting “treated” in the hospital, should I get Covid. You must be getting the same information that I get from reputable doctors who are desperately trying to bring awareness of the dangers of Remdesivr (or as they call it, Rundeathisnear). What bothers me is none of these people look at the treatment as being the possible cause of kidney failure and eventual fluid buildup in the lungs. They look at all these patients and say, “Hmm? We’ve never seen a virus react this way!” Because they don’t see the obvious culprit right in front of their faces. It’s the treatment, not the virus causing this. And if they can’t figure that out, then I have no faith in their ability to “treat” me successfully.
        For starters people need to look up -using DuckDuckGo:
        Dr. Bryan Ardis-Protocols for Healthcare-Pros & Cons
        Dr. Peter McCaulliff- who has done a two part series on Epoch Times.
        Dr. Robert Malone- who has been on Joe Rogans show.
        Atty Thomas Renz- DOD Whistleblowers at Senate Hearing, who is fighting for patient’s rights.
        There is no such thing as “informed consent” if we only hear one side, just the benefits of the vaccine and treatment protocols. We need to hear all sides. There are over 17,000 Medical Doctors who are trying to educate people on the risks of these, but are sadly being cut off and censored. Why? That’s more doctors than the CDC, NIH, and FDC. You have to ask yourself if this has ever happened in the history of vaccines and treatments. The answer is, No!
        Let’s stop this madness, take a step back, and reevaluate our options, as done with every other failed vaccine and treatment method.

    • UVMMC Hero to Zero.

      When they mandate the boosters do you think that will wake your co-workers up? Here’s hoping.

      • I sure hope so. I know a few who are staunchly opposed to it. They don’t want it and won’t get it. Where does it end?

  3. Slowly, ever increasing amount of people are starting/using their CRITICAL THINKING when applied are (like pealing an onion) exposing a TRUTH/POSSITIVE narrative that changes ones outlook to REAL TRUTH…. from the current system of CONTROLLED FALSE/NEGATIVE narrative matrix unfortunately a narrative we’ve lived with for a very long time.
    When ones (like many who have posted) realize the Wrong Actions of these tyrants of the current SCAMDEMIC change will take place and it is happening by folks of Right Action, people like all of you…
    Research treatment for Covid 19 protocol in Japan. What happened in August 2021?
    Look at Africa…. The lowest vaccination rate, lowest Covid cases. Why?
    Truckers convoy on their way to “Ottawa, Canada”
    People are waking up!

  4. I was awake in the Spring of 2020. The American people have been hood winked. Nothing will change until we reach a critical tipping point and people stand up and say enough is enough. We must fight for our rights and those who cannot speak for themselves. May God have mercy on those people who are not living up to there oath as a doctor. Not everyone is a candidate for those experimental jabs nor should anyone be criticized for not getting it it is there choice. We still live in America and we have God given rights civil liberties and a constitution. How many more body bags do we still have fill up before you educated fools get it.

  5. Horrific coming from the man who will treat or oversee the treatment of you or your loved ones should they end up in the medical ICU at UVMMC. Also, the stats regarding the unvaccinated are not trustworthy. Even the providers are unable to determine this status as Epic was not built with a place for this immunization status as it’s so new and requires manual inputting if vaccination occurred outside “the netw$rk.”

  6. My immune system has served me well for many years, so why would I monkey with it by having some unknown, untested toxin squirted into my arm that will stay inside me for the rest of my life, doing who knows what kind of mischief to my body chemistry and possibly causing myocarditis, blood clots, a heart attack, or death? For me, the so-called cure is far more terrifying than the risk of contracting a disease that I would have a 99+ percent chance of surviving?

  7. Since all political and professional institutions are creating their own facts through preferential funding based on outcomes, I find it more important than ever to hear firsthand testimony of patients especially in the void of expert debate through alternative media like that of Joe Rogan podcast is trying to provide. Statements of “facts” to consider from experts in their field. The Pasture Institute stands firm in stating that the dangerous, destructive part of the Covid 19 virus is the physical composition of the spike protein itself. Their meaning is that systemic damage to the body occurs from just the toxin which is the physical makeup of the spike protein when it gets past the peripheral body defenses as when it is injected or made by the mRNA vaccine. Its configuration alone “scares” blood vessels which can provide a haven for clots. That being said, is it wise to have a “vaccine” that instructs your cells to manufacture the spike protein in potentially every vital organ in the body, heart, kidney, ovaries, testicles, brain tissue etc? Autopsies confirm that the vaccine spike protein is attaching to ACE 2 receptors in these organs that suggest long term compromise of health including onset of cancers, sterility, and brain function loss over a decade. Then there is the well documented phenomenon of Antibody Dependent Enhancement which is factual science. This occurs when someone is continually boosted which creates a heightened response to ANY corona virus in which a very healthy immune system will encounter and throw the patient into a cytokine storm which can have fatal consequences. I do agree that antibodies are produces by the injection of the mRNA vaccine which can keep one out of the hospital when the patient has active Covid 19. I also have firsthand knowledge that many therapeutics when given early can stop the replication of Covid 19 but by restricting Ivermectin use and the useful combination of lactoferrin with diphenhydramine discovered by researchers at the University of Florida, healthcare professionals have put the population at risk to enter the later stages of the disease. My antidotal conclusions may be just that but in the void of substantive debate by the “experts” on all sides I will rely on my due diligence. For me if one is immune compromised by comorbidities or advanced in age the benefit of the vaccine can keep one from entering the hospital ICU. Antibody Dependent Enhancement in these cases would be a small concern because their immune systems could use a boost. If I had a young healthy immune system, ADE would be a vital consideration not to take the jab. If I was planning to have a family in the future which would encompass most of the population under 40 years old, I would need to seriously consider the damage the vaccine could cause in the long term to myself or my offspring. Documented is a 12% increase in miscarriages among first trimester vaccine recipients. Government yearns for a one size fits all remedy which can never accommodate the complicated nature of this disease. Let the doctors practice their profession unimpeded from politics or mandates. For when the first link of chain is ruptured, the first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, changes us all irrevocably. I must say UVM care in the ICU was top notch. One would have to wonder if answering the questionable use of intubation and Remdesivir would alter the decision-making process for treatment based on the hospitals profit incentives from the Fed. Additionally having an advocate outside the hospital puts accountability above board. I’m convinced that exposure duration especially within enclosed areas is directly proportionate to contracting the virus if present and one’s ability to fight it off even with daily doses of D3, zinc, quercetin is questionable.

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