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VT Headlines: Who pulled trigger on Sierra, Fuentes?

WCAXStruggling Indiana bat surviving and thriving in one Vermont town
WCAXWho pulled the trigger? Police investigate shooting of 2 men in Vermont
WCAXVt. Yankee decommissioning continues as Vernon looks to future of site
NBC 5Burlington residents express their opinions on the city’s camping policies
WCAXVt. waterline inventory required to monitor lead pipes
WCAXVermont officials warn of high wildfire risk
WCAXShelburne St. construction slows commutes in Burlington
NBC 5Burlington City Council passes unanimous resolution to address the city’s camping policy

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  1. All I want to know is did the shooter follow all the Gun Control laws of the state?

  2. Gang bangers sure have infiltrated the state,could have been stopped but progressive political correctness stopped law enforcement from doing their job.

    Vote the left and progressives out. Run for office,it pays well now.

    Oust those fools.

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