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VT Headlines: What changes will people see as COVID public health emergency ends?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay
WCAXCops face an uphill battle in Vermont’s shoplifting capital
WCAXSUV that floated down Winooski River pulled out of water
WCAXWhat changes will people see as COVID public health emergency ends?
WCAXVt. regulators to crack down on synthetic cannabis
WCAXExpanded Vt. bottle bill passes preliminary Senate vote
VT DiggerHouse takes key step toward forming impeachment committee for Franklin County sheriff, state’s attorney – VTDigger
WCAXMorristown to decide on new budget after failed Town Meeting Day vote
VT DiggerCorrections commissioner denies records appeal, keeps ID of out-of-state prison bidder secret – VTDigger
VPOBlessed Are the Policymakers, For They Shall Be Insulated From the Consequences of Their Inaction

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  1. Will the weirdoes stop driving to the co-op alone with their masks on?

  2. It’s only ending temporarily. Our resident idiot will most likely vote for the amendment to the WHO. Then we really will be under constant lockdown. You will own nothing and be happy.

  3. Open borders – the plandemic is paused so the undocumented, unvetted, unknowns can come in by the thousands to “finish the job” as 10% Joe stated. The depopulation, mind control tactics of testing, masking, clot shots, and restrictions will still be forced by the medical community and long-term care facilities. Well compensated liars and deceivers courtesy of Moderna, Pfizer, Federal government, the WHO, and the elite eugenists.