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VT Headlines: Welch works to cancel student lunch debt

School Nutrition Professionals offering school lunch to students at the serving line. Original public domain image from Flickr
WCAXMajor Killington development moves forward
WCAXWelch works to cancel student lunch debt
NBC 5Montpelier will resume paid parking enforcement on Monday
WCAXColchester Police celebrate retirement of long-time chief
WCAXWCAX Investigates: Burlington’s intractable homeless crisis
VT DiggerAs Barre digs out from the flood, can its leaders agree on a path forward?
WCAXBurlington adjusting to new bike-share program
WCAXGov. Scott to attend North Country Career Center groundbreaking
WCAXWelch and Shaheen call on D.O.E. to finalize energy efficiency standards
VT DiggerAs attorney fees in Chieftain appeal approach $10,000, Green Mountain school board votes to stop paying
WCAXMunicipal public meetings become target of ‘zoom bombing’

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  1. Some quick back of the napkin math:

    There’s 32 million families in the United States. If each of them owed the $262 million it would be a little over $9 per family.

    However only 12% live below the poverty line. So that makes it more like 3.84 million families are indebted to school lunch programs. Now if we take that $262 million and divide it by the 3.84 million families we come out with a little over $68 per family.

    I bought a loaf of bread, 4 bottles of seltzer, hot dogs, cheese, and some cashews the other day that cost me ~$50.

    Who is this clown saying he’s going to help??

  2. Get real people. The title Chieftains does not apply only to Native Americans.
    Quite simply, The Chieftains are the world’s principal ambassadors of Irish music. The band, formed in 1962 by Paddy Moloney to play traditional Irish tunes that celebrated his homeland’s folk culture, have released more than 40 albums, won six Grammy awards, and played private shows at the White House and the Vatican City.

    The Green Mountain School Board, and the students who attend the schools, should be proud to have the “Chieftains” as a mascot. You guys are such fools…

    • Great point. The folks claiming that the moniker, ‘Chieftains’, can be assigned only to the leaders of a group of specific North American civilizations that thrived since the last ice age are discriminating against the myriad other tribal cultures around the world that existed during the same time period and have since assimilated here.

      How dare they?

      Be they ‘Chieftainphobes’… or ‘Chieftainphiles’, do they have the exclusive rights to the ‘Chieftain’ characterization? A ‘Chieftainthropist’ perhaps. Surely, they must be some kind of ‘…ist’ or ‘…ism’.

      What about the chiefs of police out there? The fire chiefs, the chief executive officers, the chief cooks, and bottle washers? What about their self-esteem? Are these Green Mountain students not allowed to ‘identify’ as ‘Chieftains’, if it makes them feel better about themselves?

  3. Re: “Welch works to cancel student lunch debt”….

    This is contrary to the laws of thermodynamics. I.E., The energy gained (or lost) by a system is equal to the energy lost (or gained) by its surroundings.

    You can’t ‘cancel’ debt. You can only reassign it to its surroundings – e.g., on to taxpayers.

  4. Sure, lets tax people that never had a free lunch, so those who don’t need a free lunch can have a free lunch. — Who voted for this communist idiot?