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VT Headlines: VT to get federal energy dollars for electrical grid upgrades

Photo by Pok Rie
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NBC 5South Burlington native blazes trail for women in basketball
WCAXVt. to get federal energy dollars for electrical grid upgrades

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  1. Wow. There’s a surprise! Is this by any chance the same federal government run (amuck) by woke anti-science radicalized lunatics with Biden at the helm??

  2. What’s going to fuel the increase electric grid? Where does that energy come from?

  3. If the state had $7 million for EV charging stations, why didn’t they use that for electric grid upgrades? Why is the government building these charging stations that should be done with private money the same way gas stations were? Why is the government involved in promoting vehicles that are not ready for prime time? Wouldn’t that $7 million be better spent upgrading our state infrastructure like roads, bridges and culverts to manage water diversion? So many questions and no rational answers from the people who spend the money on green energy crap instead of fixing what needs to be fixed. Asking for a friend.