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VT Headlines: VT Department of Health tracking six COVID outbreaks

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  1. How do they know the outbreak is COVID? The virus was never isolated. I guess being challenged with facts against their lies and deception has suddenly initiated a “mystery” strain. The patients and staff are all immunocompromised because of the bioweapon shots. Appears they are doubling down to eliminate and depopulate as many as they can before the indictments are layed down for crimes against humanity. Judgement day is coming.

  2. WCAX should be shut down over propogating fear using their “Programming” errr news.

  3. Is it for ETERNITY that the planet must go into official berserk mode every time someone tests positive for Covid??

    The government of the USA, in collaboration with the Communist Chinese, created and then was responsible for releasing this viral pathogen which has now mutated into a disease wherein the current strain is not typically lethal and numerous treatments are available. Henceforth, those testing positive experience either mild symptoms or none at all.

    Why the chronic panic?? Will we now witness this same irrational reaction with the seasonal flu, Norovirus, and common colds too? And how about papercuts that are potentially deadly under specific circumstances? Ban paper in communal settings??

    Covid19 is here to stay. Lock yourself in a closet should you choose, but stop expecting others to do the same. Death and taxes…they’ll be sure to get you one way or the other – and good luck trying to escape from Biden’s band of IRS gun-toting goons or wearing paper masks in order to ward them off (and yes, they indeed DO possess an arsenal of weaponry there, no “disinformation”).

    • Covid19 is no longer around. If it were to be named now it would be Covid23. Weird we never named it Covid18, 17, 15, 12, and so forth as the coronaviruses were first identified in the mid-1960s. The test are simply turning up positive for strain of influenza that the powers that be have permanently labeled the dreaded Covid.

    • I caught the State and a local nursing home lying and in clear violation of Title 42 patients rights and CMS guidelines updated May 8, 2023. Oddly, a few weeks later an outbreak in a nursing home after several months of none, the ending of Federal emergency declaration, and several months of VT Health Department reporting “low” community risk. The reality is the monumental Medicare fraud that has taken place because of a man-made psyop virus, the untold number of patients jabbed without informed consent, the employees medically injured due to mandatory, yet illegal mandates, and criminal elder abuse that has gone on since 2020. The illegal “emergency declaration” was lifted, the gravy train left the station, and their lies and deception is being exposed. They got challenged, they lied, and now they have to create an illusion to sustantiate and continue criminal conduct and collect more federal assistance through CMS. I pray every day for a hedge of protection around my mother. I pray every day for God to hold each and every one of these criminals to account for their willful and knowingly criminal negligence and abuse.

  4. And I’m certain these outbreaks are occurring because of those dirty, unvaccinated science deniers. Get your boosters!


  5. The only comment I can make, unfortunately, it that it appears many Vermonter are both Stupid and Brainwashed and are unable to think for themselves. Certainly a direct reflection back on our WOKE schools. We’ll have fewer DR’s in both the Medical Field and Senior Public office in the Coming months; Once the National and International Military Tribunals start These Doctors who participated in JABBING Citizen and children will have a one way ticket to their Tribunal Appointment..

  6. The outbreaks are in nursing homes. These folks are a “trapped audience”. Both staff and residents. The article on WCAX states that most have no symptoms and two were sent to a primary care facility as a “precaution”. The article is designed as fear mongering and as Dr. Robert Malone has stated repeatedly, the next pandemic is right around the corner. So, if you keep people apprehensive, you can control them more easily. And people like to both be afraid and controlled.
    The virus will always be here. We’ve had a vaccination for Influenza strains for over 80 years and we still have both the disease outbreaks and death. It is the nature of virus’.
    What is more outrageous is the state and federal governments, the media as well as the health care profession still pushing the Covid vaccine. Unconscionable. Criminal. This will never end until we are a communist country and under Sino-Soviet (Russia) control. And we move closer to that reality every single day. We have NO clue how hot the water is this pot on the stove that we are sitting in.