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VT Headlines: Vt. Attorney General warns about dangers of identity theft

VT DiggerA quarter of Vermonters who gave birth in 2020 reported mental health struggles – VTDigger
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VT DiggerStowe decouples from three-town school district, elects board members – VTDigger
WCAXVt. attorney general warns about dangers of identity theft
WCAXVT health care regulators pass OneCare Budget aimed at accountability
WCAXAbenaki Heritage weekend kicks off at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
WCAXVermonter creates giant sculpture park on a piece of Enosburgh land
WCAXVermonters continue weekend-long Juneteenth celebrations
WCAXVermont to receive millions in funding after updates to the FCC’s broadband coverage map
WCAXAgri-Mark dairy facility completes $30 million expansion project
WCAXNew York sends team to help fight wildfires in Quebec

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  1. More concerned personally about the theft of this nation from the globalists & Communists who have infiltrated, but you all keep on deflecting.

    • You beat me to it…

      I was going to write I’m MORE CONCERNED about the constant taxes you steal from me every paycheck, but I digress.

  2. Speaking of identity theft, when our education system takes it upon itself to subvert children into believing they are not who they really are (either by sex or race) and plots against parents to carry out such nefarious deeds – not only is that child abuse and child endangerment – it is stealing their identity through psychological manipulation induced by sociopaths and psychopaths entrusted to educate, not subjugate. Will anything be done to stop that criminal conduct?