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VT Headlines: Vetoes likely for legislation that’s going ‘off the rails’

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WCAXFire investigation underway in Wolcott
WCAXCostco expands hours for gas sales following February flip-flop
WCAXWill push for financial literacy allow lawmakers to choose Vt. school curriculum?
WCAXCrews search for missing Vt. teen with autism; how searchers should approach her
WCAXSoaring egg prices drive more people to take a crack at raising chickens
WCAXNeshobe Elementary school receives two threats from students
VT DiggerWindsor election complaints lead to resignations by winner
VT DiggerRep. Jim Harrison: Vetoes likely for legislation that’s going ‘off the rails’
WCAXBurlington airport to be named for Leahy; State of the City focuses on public safety

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  1. Windsor School Board Election complaints will continue. The liberal elitist group of board members chose to advertise for a replacement for the resigning member rather than give the seat to the runner up in the election. Of course it is their prerogative to chose a replacement, but the motive for shutting out the runner up was clear. They didn’t want anyone with a conservative viewpoint on the board. In reference to the resignation, a current board member wrote in an email “We really haven’t had contested elections before. It’s always been sort of Loosy Goosy. We are entering a whole new phase, feels rather awful. It’s gotcha group of people who just want to catch every error of the board. But we are a strong group and can weather the storms.”
    The runner up is a member of the so called “gotcha group” formed to resist the liberal agenda that includes sexualizing children. The board chair, Elizabeth Burrows, who is also a VT Rep., introduced a bill last year that would have allowed minors to get “gender affirming” treatment without parental permission. Hopefully the “gotcha group” will continue to speak out, call out the incompetence, and work to restore traditional values.

  2. “Will push for financial literacy allow lawmakers to choose Vt. school curriculum?”
    I suppose that parents should be in favor of others deciding how their children should be educated because others (unions and school boards) have done such a good job up until now ? Or is it because we are all the children of the Vermont State Legislature, and everyone will benefit from their oversight, and decisions ? Poppycock !!! Let the kid’s parents decide where they want them to go, and how they want them educated !