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VT Headlines: Vermont State University celebrates unified opening

WCAXVermont State University celebrates unified opening
WCAXBurlington Trolley Tours is the Queen City’s next big tourist attraction
The Valley ReporterCountdown for 12th annual Mad Marathon
WCAXCapitol Plaza Hotel finds new ownership
NBC 5Three arrested in investigation at Highlander Motel in Rutland
NBC 5Torrential downpours may lead to flooding Friday in Vermont, New York
WCAXSec. of the Interior Deb Haaland to highlight Vt. conservation efforts

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  1. Gosh, wish the story about NVU was JUST GREAT!

    But it isn’t….financially, demographically and educationally not durable or sustainable.

    All of the fat cat administrators and agency secretaries bloviating is insulting.

    This beast was on life support and Jeb Spaulding was on target. So was the disgraced recent Pres. who wanted to streamline libraries, etc.

    AND folks, it’s NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. Yes, that NOW FOR NVU MONEY has been helpful. But you’ve got to have students, infrastructure that is cost-effective to maintain, etc. etc.

    Castleton was preened into a nice higher ed Cadillac and country club by Sir David Wolk. And Vermont Tech has an assortment of passable tech ed programs to offer although…these could mostly be offered at the Tech Ed Centers).

    But have you been to Johnson and Lyndon lately? Want to live in one of those dorms? Walk those institutional-green, linoleum-festooned halls? Try to find social and cultural life in the immediate areas? Study with the latest walk-on underpaid adjunct “lecturers”? To the tune of ginormous annual cash infusions from the state? Sure you do……

    PS Philip Baruth is hereby nominated for Gaslighter of the Year.

    • Please forgive my error!! Gotta get used to saying “Vermont State” not NVU.

      Still lipstick on a pig, even with the name change:)