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VT Headlines: State announces new winter rules for unhoused Vermonters

Photo by Juma Al-Hajj Sharif
WCAXWhy Vermonters are choosing the state’s first all-natural forest burial site
NBC 5Westford to vote on divisive new wastewater system
NBC 5Burlington High School principal remains on paid leave after admitting to pulling fire alarm
VT DiggerState announces new winter rules for unhoused Vermonters
WCAXChamplain Housing Trust hopes record gift will help it serve community for years
WCAXGSA allocates $6.3M for upgrades at federal building, courthouse in St. Albans
WCAXAmid City Center growth, South Burlington discusses student transportation safety
VT DiggerA Vermont eugenics historian repeatedly hears ‘What is the relevance today?’ A new book offers an answer
VT DiggerPost-flood, a migration of cellar equipment begins

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  1. The only people this works for is Hotel owner and those politicians getting funds from them for re-election.

    This is an abysmal waste of taxpayer money, it doesn’t solve any problems, it doesn’t build our community, it doesn’t help people get on their feet, it doesn’t solve the housing problem, and it doesn’t solve our drug problems, the main driver for homelessness.

    It does spend massive amounts of money. Don’t you think people talk on their cell phones and let their buddies know, free housing for 3 months in Vermont?

    And we wonder why the homeless problem is getting larger and the drug dealers getting more prominent and murders a common thing?

    We are using big city solutions, that are leading to big city problems.

    It’s not an accident, it’s by design. People make a ton of money off keeping people homeless, in jail, and on the taxpayer dime. That’s why it’s not changing for the better.

  2. “Unhoused,” and “unsheltered,” and victims of Vermont’s “housing crisis.” While I’m sure there’s little old ladies who lose their houses over ridiculous property taxes, can we be honest, VT Digger? Most of these people choose to do drugs and choose to come here for the generous benefits paid for by the likes of the little old lady who actually got “unhoused.”