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VT Headlines: Scott administration ‘looking into’ mobile home parks for homeless

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VT Digger‘Tip of the iceberg’: Burlington child care center to close, citing staffing and financial challenges
NBC 5Notch Road back open as VTrans reminds tractor-trailers to find alternate route
WCAXScott administration ‘looking into’ mobile home parks for homeless
NBC 5Bernie Sanders endorses Biden, rules out 2024 bid of his own
NBC 5Vermont sees significant increase in organ donor registrations
WCAXAre human services budget increases making an impact?
VT DiggerAmid a housing crisis, will Vermont keep paying people to move here?
NBC 5Vermont party leaders ‘not surprised’ by Biden’s announcement to run again in 2024
WCAXOnline dam inventory created for Vermont
VT DiggerVermont needs millions of dollars worth of school upgrades. Will the state help pay for them?
WCAXNew Hamphire man indicted on murder charges
WCAXNew fire chief appointed in Colchester
NBC 5Vermont police investigate hit and run

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  1. And MORE “free” housing for the mentally ill, perpetually out of work, and drug-addicted – when actual Vermonters have lived in those for two centuries, some in abominable conditions, paying either rent to slumlords or mortgages to banks.

    Once yet again: REFUSAL to address the underlying causes of homelessness and potentially creating more homelessness. What else is new?

    GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!! And keep building as not only are they coming, but they’ll KEEP coming by the droves. And the tourism this state so relies upon will be waning along with second-home ownership – the second-home demographic, a group willing to pay a higher tax rate to have owned a home within a SAFE & BEAUCOLIC environment.

    Governor – How about “looking into” JOBS, MENTAL HEALTH HELP, and DRUG REHAB for VERMONT RESIDENTS who fulfill strict residency requirements?????

  2. The motels open to the public are already disappearing, and now the last bastion of owner-occupied, single family housing is under discussion? Whatever happened to the idea of communal shelters as satisfying the need for putting a roof over someone’s head who cant or WONT afford it? I would rather provide housing for essential workers who can’t find housing rather than continue to give it away to people who contribute nothing to society. Example: see how well the pod thing is working out in BTV…

  3. Wow….so they want to destroy mobile parks now? So we’ve got a nice retired couple in one and a bunch of drug addicted homeless moochers in another.

    That will end well. This state hates it’s residents.

  4. Why don’t you look into closing the border, you RINO, and make people get to work again. Y’all can’t do anything right. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see why people where paid $600 a week to stay home. Hmm, 40 hours times $15.00 an hour equals $600. So secretly they tried to move minimum wage up to $15 an hour by making companies pay more for inexperienced help. Any decision they want everyone should know the opposite is better for the majority. Troubled times and taxing the workers, who are already taxed mentally and physically, so they can keep spending and voting themselves an increase. I say vote in all new the next two elections so these greedy SOB’s don’t see it.

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