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VT Headlines: Scott administration defends plan to end motel program

WCAXState officials weigh in on potential partnership for Vermont’s largest health insurer
WCAXPolice say 2 suspects wanted in downtown Burlington shooting
VT DiggerFinal Reading: Scott administration defends plan to end motel program
NBC 5Sheriff reform bill advances in Vermont
WCAXVt. doctor reacts to medical aid-in-dying law expansion to non-residents
WCAXRural Vermont town’s only grocery store to close
WCAXScott creates detailed spending plan for child care and paid family leave

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  1. Now wait just a second…….I’m planning on selling my home and quitting my job & counted on living for free in a nice VT hotel myself. What gives???

  2. There is a surviving witness/victim to the shooting that took place near to Burlington’s most prominent intersection, but of course, within some “communities”, snitches get stitches. Regardless, police likely know the description and maybe even the names of the alleged perpetrators but that information is being withheld, as releasing it “would hinder the investigation”. Normally, if it were up to police, when the perps of a violent attack were being sought, there would be a release of descriptions to allow the public to be of help. Likely there are already mugshots on file, as these kind of attacks in Burlington tend to involve persons with prior “justice involvement”.
    Methinks that someone in Burlington is demanding the withholding of that info for reasons other than to facilitate the investigation, and that tells us something about the physical characteristics of the perps. Sometimes the truth hurts and in a woke municipality like BTV, feewings matter more than public safety.

  3. New ad for Vermont tourism:. “Come to Vermont to die.” Whether its your unborn baby or yourself, Vermont welcomes you. And its the one thing you don’t have to register, license or insure.

    • Ha. Good one! (they’ll probably use it now in their vaca ads too).

    • You can do it in other states too, now, using Vermont-based telehealth.

    • You forgot the assisted suicide pill prescribed without having to see a medical professional.

  4. And I’m sure the rooms in the motels have been graciously kept in clean and in pristine condition by the homeless tenants. Just a little vacuuming and some new sheets on the bed and tourists would pay two hundred a night to stay there.

    • As someone still stuck living in one on my own dime, I wish that were the case. Funny how the State pays the nightly rate, while I pay the lower weekly/bi-weekly rate. The amount of money the State could have saved just by paying for the rooms long-term is ridiculous.

      • Yea, who knew that the motel owners held such clout with the legislature and/or
        administration? Who do they think they are…the VTNEA teachers’ union?