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VT Headlines: Police say man threatened people with machete in Burlington park

Photo by Bruchin Noeka
WCAXExperts gather in Vermont for global forum on food systems, agroecology
NBC 5Vermont National Guard commander taking overseas mission
NBC 5South Burlington motel converted to affordable housing units
WCAXSouth Burlington pedestrian bridge over I-89 on track to open at end of 2026
NBC 5Woman killed in deadly Waltham shooting incident
NBC 5South Burlington police see a 500% increase in stolen car pursuits
WCAXPolice say man threatened people with machete in Burlington park
NBC 5City of Montpelier and FEMA have temporary housing solution plan in motion for flood victims
NBC 5New members appointed to Winooski Inclusion and Belonging Commission
WCAXApple picking underway, some places are hit or miss
WCAXUniversities begin embracing AI, ChatGPT in classrooms
NBC 5New cost estimate released for BHS construction

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  1. Without making any inferences to ethnicity, when Mr. Machete makes his appearance in the news, you know that Burlington has taken that next step in the process of becoming a craphole city. Northern New England is rapidly becoming Southern New England…

  2. Interesting commentary from a man regarding the disaster aftermath in Maui. (lots going on there under the cloak of federal and state “emergency”) Particularly, the donation money and federal money funneling into “non-profits.” The non-profits (under most circumstances) take 65% off the top for “adminstration” and “operating costs.” The motto charity starts in their own pockets apparently. Under the federal process, people like Oprah Winfrey, who own vast acres of property stating it is a farm or ranch, apply for federal assistance and always get it. (how the rich get richer in disasters by setting up donation funds, apply for federal assistance (PPE loans!) and such.) The land buybacks are sold to LLC’s set up by developers (financed by Blackrock, Vanguard etc.,) so they acquire government owned property for far less the real value and grease the palms of those who assist them in picking the bones after a disaster. Considering the disaster and how things are unfolding post-flood in Vermont, it does appear the system is set up for those “in charge” to reap pure profits under “emergency” situations, stick it to the taxpayers and victims alike. Eyes on and watch carefully who is getting assistance and how it is doled it out.

  3. Clearly we need stronger “common sense” machete control laws in this state. We should make it even MORE illegal to attack another person with a machete.

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