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VT Headlines: pandemic contributed to closing, deconsecration of church

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WCAXNew purpose for Vermont church closed by lack of parishioners
VT DiggerAdvocates and regulators push to reform medical cannabis in order to save it
WCAXUVM Medical Center to end COVID screening at hospital entrance, eliminate jobs
WCAXNewsmaker Interview: Senator Phil Baruth
WCAXOrange County sheriff blames budget cuts for end of overnight patrols
VT DiggerSt. Albans school district contends with continued debate over policing in schools
Seven DaysMellencamp to Return to Role as Principal of Burlington High School
WCAXSen. Welch takes oath; Balint swearing-in delayed by speakership feud
Newport DispatchMan arrested for disorderly conduct, burglary in Leicester
WCAXPreserving the past: Lyndon leaders look to save two covered bridges

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  1. In reference to the article on wcax ” New purpose for Vermont church closed by lack of parishioners” that you cannot comment to:

    Real simple. two reasons, well three.
    1. They (preachers) chose Der Schtadt over God
    2. Der Schtadt scared the bejesus out of the average and old parishioners.
    3. The preachers/priests did nothing for the people “trapped” in their homes because of the imposed illegal lockdowns. No advocating, no visits, no networking.

    I will tell you from experience that no preacher visited or even called during all this but I bet they still want their tithing. Good reason to walk away.

  2. Are you speaking for all the churches.Hmmm , My experience .We FaceTimed each other daily We had church via zoom .Checked on each other . Provided needs for each other .Not all churches operate the same for sure. Are you a church goer because it sounds like you need to talk to each other .A real church does not just rely
    On the leadership to operate, but each other . Did you call people reach out ? It sounds like you don’t experience this. Look for a different church or communicate how this plandemic could have been dealt with in a better way by your house of Worship . If this was the reason people walked away from God
    Or the church it might be a
    Good time to take inventory of your relationship.I found it to make me seek more and lean in closer ,love more .