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VT Headlines: Officials concerned about those unhoused after hotel program ends

Photo by Timur Weber
WCAXCentral Vt. officials concerned about influx of unhoused after changes to hotel program
WCAXGMP seeks to lift cap on home battery storage program
WCAXState declines to prosecute former Vt. teacher in lewd conduct case
WCAXWildlife Watch: Coyotes on the prowl
WCAXBrattleboro Union High School to rebrand with new mascot
WCAXSome Vt. towns trying to track short-term rentals
WCAXRep. Balint focuses on youth mental health in social media bill
VT DiggerMore than 4 years later, proposed Burton-Higher Ground venue goes to trial – VTDigger

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  1. Well, let’s see if they are as concerned about themselves as their socialist friends appear to be. Will they get clean, get sober, and get jobs? Will their so-called friends help them seek help for any/all mental illnesses? Will those who are not native or long-term Vermonters return to their home states for yet more social welfare programs that they can take advantage of? Will Bernie’s words of “free, free, free!” continue to echo in their minds as they are given a dose of the “Real World”?

    Stay tuned to another episode of: “Nothing In Life Is ACTUALLY Free” here on your favorite website!

  2. Officials concerned? Good one! The only thing they are concerned about is side-stepping human excrement and navigating through unsightly, unkept hovels that are erected in their pristine parks and recreation areas or in the direct way of their latte shops and art centers. They reap what they sow.

  3. Baliant is concerned about youth mental health on the decline? If she cared, she’d put an end to the gender nonsense in schools and communities. That is beyond harmful to our children’s health!