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VT Headlines: Neighbors say low-barrier pod shelter a magnet for crime

WCAXPodcast recounts history of Vermont’s first gay bar
NBC 5Montpelier woman cited after person falls off moving car, police say
WCAXNeighbors say low-barrier pod shelter a magnet for crime
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WCAXU-32 ‘Raiders’ Mascot vote change ends in tie
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WCAXVermont Law and Graduate School opens new location
WCAXSenator Sanders pushes for Pentagon, D.O.D. audit

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  1. Who could have possibly predicted trouble to spring forth from such a utopian idea as
    “pod-topia”? The mayor is blaming the shut down of the free motel room program for more vagrants descending on Burlington but this pod city has been a dirtbag magnet since the day it opened. The neighbors were initially wary, and were told how intolerant they were being for not welcoming in their fellow citizens who are down on their luck. Now some are afraid to go outside of their own homes lest they be threatened with physical harm. Well done, Burlington. If you build it, they will come…the junkies wandering around in a stupor, leaving a trail of bloody syringes and broken car windows in their wake. The mayor and City Council should be beaming with pride.

    • “The mayor and City Council should be impeached or sued for failure to defend and protect the productive and taxpaying citizens of Burlington.” Fixed it for you.

      The material harms include failure to enforce laws enabling the drug culture leading to loss of life by overdoses or gang/dealer turf wars, loss of peaceful enjoyment, property damage, exodus of businesses, and depreciation of property values.

  2. Nooooooooo…………………But, but, but I was assured that providing affordable or free shelter would solve these issues. Wait, a sec. We weren’t duped by the leftist City Council & Mayor, were we????

  3. One more reason to avoid Burlington, and right at the top of Church Street. It’s like these people move here from Mass & Connecticut and actually miss dear Old Springfield & Hartford. At least we have the satisfaction of knowing most of the townies voted for it all.

  4. Prime example of how non-profits, NGOs and government officials sell a bad idea, push it through with deception and bully tactics, get their money and their way, then wash their hands of it, watch it become a scourge within the community, and pretend they’ll do something about it. Our money – their follies. Take note, it will be on every doorstep in the State shortly.

    • As per the last sentence? Indeed it shall – beginning with Leg. Seth Bongartz of Southern VT who again proudly describes himself as the “architect” for forcing the Obama/Biden “equitable” housing plan across all of Vermont – coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

      Want “affordable” housing? You’ll be gettin’ it, not to worry. In NYC & in places like L.I., Hartford, Springfield, etc. – it’s called tenements or projects.

      And think you might be able to opine “something like this will change the character of my town…” – Sorry. That is now “illegal”.

  5. I wrote this about a previous story on the “housing crisis”. Well it applies to the “homeless crisis” as well, and frankly any issue that our leftist legislators attempt to alleviate.

    Thomas Sowell wrote about patterns of failure in The Vision of The Anointed. Its laid out in 4 stages: the crisis, the solution, the results and the response.
    “Often the so called crisis has been actually improving years prior to legislative introvention. Advocates of the solution (lefties) say it will lead to results X while critics (conservatives) say it will lead to Y. Advocates claim the critic’s claims as absurd and “simplistic”, if not dishonest. The results are policies that as critics predicted lead to Y. The response are proponents dismissing critic’s correct predictions for ignoring the “complexities” involved and “many factors” that went into determining the outcome. The burden of proof is put on the critics to demonstrate to a certainty that the policies of the proponents alone were the only possible cause of the worsening that occurred. No burden of proof whatever is put on those who had so confidently predicted improvement.
    Indeed, it is often asserted that things would’ve been even worse, were it not for the wonderful programs that mitigated the inevitable damage from other factors.” Examples where this has taken place include, but are not limited to, LBJ’s “war on poverty”, 1960’s “sex education” in public schools, “criminal justice” reform from a “compassionate” viewpoint and now locally vermont’s “homeless” or housing “crisis”. Congratulations democrats, you predictably and consistently fail. Wake up vermont. Wake up America.

  6. Well, that little failed experiment was a waste of another what, $2 million bucks plus?
    But then, it’s not their money. Taxpayers are always good for a few million more, right? Greyhound bus tickets south, to like Delaware, would have been much more effective, and a hell of a lot cheaper…

  7. It just confirms that the voters in Burlington continue to cut their noses off to spite their face. They continue to vote for what they are getting in return. Very similar to the rest of the state. It’s hard to soar with eagles when you vote for turkeys. Let them enjoy their city of crime, drugs and chaos. Normal people should avoid Chittenden County, specifically Burlington.