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VT Headlines: Middlebury armed standoff ends peacefully

Photo by Ike Bendavid for WCAX
NBC 5Vermont State University to celebrate unification on State House steps
NBC 5A Vermont museum is gifted a more than 200-piece collection of Native American art
WCAXMiddlebury armed standoff ends peacefully
VT DiggerDeath of 34-year-old mother, drug addict found at recycling center, ended years spent adrift – VTDigger
WCAXTabletop gamers from across Vermont gather in Essex Junction
WCAXFormer Orange County sheriff responds to shoddy bookkeeping accusations
VT DiggerNew Morrisville apartments defy ‘affordable’ stigma – VTDigger
WCAXMiddlebury College launches program to preserve Abenaki language

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  1. So, the mentally ill man with an arsenal of weapons directed the “clinician” to “Go Away”.

    Now what, wokesters? Did the clinician then SAVE innocents in Middlebury from potential injury & death???

    NO. The POLICE did, wokesters. Again, STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

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