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VT Headlines: Climate activist group gives $2.5 million to Vermont Law and Graduate School

Vermont Law and Graduate School
VT DiggerMaverick Lloyd Foundation gives $2.5 million to Vermont Law and Graduate School
NBC 5Winooski manufacturer to pay $150K settlement after untested parts sold to U.S. military
VT DiggerMan initially sentenced to life for strangling wife will be considered for parole
The Valley ReporterHarwood cross-country runner to compete internationally
WCAXVt. Senator says military promotions should resume
WCAXSen. Welch introduces bill to support small farms

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  1. “Sen. Welch introduces bill to support small farms” That means more small farms will disappear..the more this government touches, the faster it destroys whatever is touched. How many small farms have disappeared in the last 40 years..Sen. Leahy was a great destroyer of small farms, now Welch has been handed the torch..

  2. It is very easy to resume military promotions – simply adhere to the Hyde Amendment as we always have prior to the Biden administration, and stop providing abortions at military and VA hospitals or providing them elsewhere at taxpayer expense. This doesn’t affect the majority of military promotions only the highest level generals promotions and high level assignments at the Pentagon and the Joint Staff. I fully support Senator Tuberville’s blocking these promotions and assignments, as do the majority of prior service members.

  3. A commentator pointed out that historical weather records prior to 1959 are now surpressed or deleted. By doing so, we can’t see the weather patterns now are similar to the patterns of the 1930’s. Hence, the desire to wipe history of all types to suit their narrative and steal money with impunity. Liars and deceivers of the most evil kind!

  4. Notice they are not giving money to scientists. Science used to be about finding truth, to which nobody is interested anymore.

    Attorneys are for lawsuits, lawfare and to bully and intimidate. Give us all your money and we’ll keep the world from ending. If you don’t give us all your money, we’ll sue you and get your money that way! Just a new form of cancel culture.

    We are being played.