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  1. Here’s another take on this Banyai situation and hopefully Liberty Doll will put out a more detailed video in a day or two as she says.


    Keep in mind that the state government has since created an unconstitutional law specifically to stop/hinder/penalize Banyai and anyone else like him doing any kind of gun training in Vermont specifically based on this case according to Baruth yet they are playing it off as a property rights issue in which he had already paid and had approved the requisite building permits (so I have been told, I didn’t look them up).

    I’ve been around long enough to know that sometimes neighbors don’t like each other or what they are doing on each others property and this is likely how it started but the state and media (bar VT Daily) have played this off as a bad person not paying his fines, and tried to pin it as a gun rights issue as well.

    All is not what it seems in my opinion.

  2. I cannot get a straight scoop of what is really going down here as the government “news” out of Bennington is all corrupted rubbish….great job, Bennington Banner, btw!

    But I’m just taking an unsubstantiated guess based on the knowledge of the level of corruption in this state, the anti-second amendment politicos, the general erosion of our Constitutional rights, etc. that something is damn fishy here in terms of what is being perpetrated against this dude.

  3. It’s called weaponized lawfare. A coordinated attack on private land rights and 2A – collusion and corruption between government and the judiciary. The District of Corruption delegates trained their Vermont co-conspirators how it works. Leaky Leahy beind many illegal and unconstitutional scams brought here and elsewhere.

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