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VT Headlines: Jewish Vermonters rally for Palestine on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Photo by Alfo Medeiros
WCAXMemos raise new questions why Vt. regulators didn’t shut down ‘Kingdom Con’ earlier
WCAXUVM training students, faculty in emergency response
WCAXTraffic Alert: Rolling roadblocks on I-89 Wednesday
NBC 5Jewish Vermonters rally for Palestine on Holocaust Remembrance Day
WCAXUVM aims for carbon neutrality by 2030

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  1. I do question the intentions of the state leaders in this whole fraud scheme. They were narrow minded and looking through rose colored glasses as it appeared that lots of money was coming into the state along with the creation of jobs. However, I do not see why Bill Stenger should be left off the hook for restitution of $250,000 when he made at least that much money in this scam and he already got a sweetheart deal buy having to serve only one half of his measly 18 month sentence. He probably served his time in some plush federal facility anyway so how does that compensate for perpetrating such a humongous fraud along with Quiros.