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VT Headlines: Increased crime driving businesses out of Church Street

Photo by David Lisbona, via Flickr
NBC 5BETA Technologies celebrates opening of electric aircraft facility
NBC 5NFL player Russ Francis among two dead in Lake Placid plane crash
WCAX1 year in, has Vermont’s legal cannabis marketplace met expectations?
WCAXBurlington searching for answers to combat drug crisis
NBC 5Increase in criminal activity driving some businesses out of Church Street
WCAXLegislature focuses on student equity in Vermont schools
WCAXFirefighters and EMS teams join forces amid staffing shortages

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  1. Just think, Miro can bring this across our state when he’s wins the race for Governor!

  2. The Queen City, Burlington was once the jewel by the lake, now it’s just a cesspool of liberal nonsense by the lake !!……… Is Miro bailing on Burlington, since he turned it into its current dismal state ?? ……..Miro looking for a higher position in Vermont politics ???, now that’s scary.

  3. “Vermont this week marked one year since the beginning of legal sales in Vermont. So far, sales have totaled $67 million in the first 10 months, bringing in more than $9.4 million in taxes.”

    This would have been a good to mention the cost of the new regulatory board that was created oversee this. The 9.4 million needs to be offset by the total cost of all the infrastructure put in place to administer the new department.