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VT Headlines: In 2024, general use fluorescent lightbulbs will no longer be sold in Vermont

NBC 5Vermont officials on the hunt for new type of tick in Vermont
VT DiggerIn 2024, general use fluorescent lightbulbs will no longer be sold in Vermont
VT DiggerVermont receives more federal funding for flood debris cleanup
WCAXVt. Criminal Justice Council takes testimony in case of Franklin County Sheriff
NBC 5Montpelier School leaders discuss with community members about making their school facilities more climate resilient
WCAXFeeding Chittenden kicks off turkey drive ahead of Thanksgiving
WCAXPermits available to get holiday tree in the Green Mountain National Forest

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    • I was going to pop into the comments and say the same thing.

      But now if I find out that LEDs harmed me and I’m not allowed to buy other sources of light that makes the state liable….

  1. We’ll ban the light bulbs, but the Drug Dealers are free to go about their business.

    See how that works?

    Vermonters, here is your sign, Montpelier doesn’t care what you think. They have an agenda to roll out, don’t get in the way.

  2. Of course, 15+ years ago, when I told people that CFL bulbs were not what they were promised to be, all the lefty sheep called me crazy. It’s all so tiresome. LED’s are fine for some things, but a visual tragedy for others, and they sure don’t help the chickens lay eggs in the Winter. A free market would trend toward cheaper lights just fine, but for pleasant or working light, I’ll gladly pay for more electricity. Banning incandescents is simply petty authoritarian abuse.

  3. High crime rate, killings in btv and other towns, home invasions, homeless issues, drug deals gone bad, etc, etc, etc… demonuts “lets ban light bulbs”!!! WTF!!! wow, this is certainly going to change my way of life.

  4. In five years:

    Vermont bans the use of:
    EV cars
    Heat pumps
    telecomm buildouts
    GMP stringing more poles and wires and taking down trees to deliver our energy addiction

    …and wish it were so: outsiders coming into the State telling us how we should live…ban’em!!! Or at least make them take a common sense test for citizenship: Why does the chicken cross the road?

  5. Well Vermont, keep voting these liberal progress clowns into office and then hire their cronies, to promote their agenda, Vermonter’s well-being, living style, and any type of affordability are not part of their concern……….. Wake up people, stop the nonsense !!

  6. I see a great potential for a bulb smuggling ring in VT. As long as I’m engaging in illegal smuggling and black market sales activity of banned products, I think I’ll be fine in terms of any sort criminal prosecution. I’ll just have to be discreet about how I deal with rival bulb smugglers.