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VT Headlines: History made: VTNG promotes first female to Brigadier General

Official VTNG Photo of Gen. Poirier as Colonel
NBC 5History made: VT Army Natl. Guard promotes first female to brigadier general
VT DiggerSister alleges stroke patient held at Springfield jail denied proper medical care
Newport Dispatch4 arrested for using stolen checks in Berlin
WCAXVSP investigates inmate death at Northwest State Correctional Facility
WCAXVt. soccer fans watch women’s World Cup game at Leddy Park
WCAXSpecial election set for Newport mayoral position
WCAXWelch says big pharma is abusing patent system

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  1. If you are looking at the first female commander of the VT National Guard, he ave you forgotten about Major General Martha Rainville ? That is a higher rank than a Brigadier General. One star vs two stars for a Major General.

    • rvanornu – You are correct in Maj Gen Rainville was the first woman to lead the Vermont National Guard as Adjutant General (and the first in the National Guard). The distinction missed in the headline here is Brig Gen Poirier is the first woman earning promotion to that rank in the Vermont Army National Guard. All the best.

  2. “Welch says pharmaceutical industry is abusing patent system” Wow, did big pharma’s back door ho call them up ask permission to issue a milquetoast patronizing statement to ingratiate himself to some of the on the fence “constituents”???

  3. Congratulations to General Poirer. And thank you to all the men & women for your service 🇺🇸

  4. Awesome. I’m a conservative feminist and proud to be both. I’m a pro-life woman who has been a tried & true REAL feminist since age thirteen who adamantly opposes men on women’s sports teams, affirmative action, and the general deprecation & depreciation of females which the anti-science radical left is pushing.

    Congrats, General! All the very best and thank you for your service, your courage, and your tenacity.

  5. Congrats to her. As long as she’s the best, most deserving, then this is wonderful. If any of it has to do with her chromosomal make up then we have a problem.

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