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VT Headlines: Distracted driving #1 cause of fatal crashes / Bread & Puppet silent on Ukraine

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WCAXDistracted driving among top causes for fatal crashes in 2022
VT DiggerLead water pipes in 300 Bennington homes have been replaced in pioneering project
The Montpelier BridgeSchool Board Grapples with Wages, Transparency, and Budget 
VT DiggerColchester pulls out of Chittenden County regional emergency dispatch effort
VT DiggerWhy Bread and Puppet, the anti-war theater group, is curiously quiet about Ukraine
WCAXSuspicious death investigation in Burlington
WCAXSen. Welch returns to Vt. for first full week as Senator
WCAXState report recommends keeping Kindergarten cutoff window the same for now

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  1. Apparently nobody ever told Bread and Puppet that the Vietnam War is over. The tunnel vision possessed by this group is incredible. They seem to enjoy and practice the incredible freedoms in the America who they profess is a really bad place and the root source of all evil.

    • That’s the beauty of this country, man. Generations of troopshave died so people can have the right to bitch about this country, while living in it, without fear or persecution. I would rather hear all opinions than one consensus voice.

  2. So Tina Muncy of course would rather have the Roxbury kids stuck on a school bus for two hours every day, than figure out how to use technology and ingenuity to let the kids go to school in their home community and receive a quality and affordable education. You go Tina!

  3. Never thought I’d see the leftist lunatics over at the Digger being apologists for actual Nazis trying to ethnically cleanse Ukraine of the Russians who’ve been living in the Eastern half of the modern country for hundreds, if not a thousand years.