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VT Headlines: Communities begin preparing for a drastic influx of homeless Vermonters

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VT DiggerUVM faculty union alleges unfair labor practice over switch to new educational software
NBC 5Communities begin preparing for a drastic influx of homeless Vermonters
WCAXHousing crunch magnified by older Vermonters looking to downsize
WCAXRandolph approves new police district budget
NBC 5Shelburne garbage truck catches fire
WCAXWelch heads broadband meeting with Vermonter input

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  1. The title is not just misleading, but completely false. These people are NOT “Vermonters” – they are addicts and criminals and the mentally ill who are being drawn to this state by the insane leftist social policies they are being informed of.

  2. Bernie can only use one house at a time. Why is he not proposing that illegals bunk in the other two ??

  3. I think every Democrat in the state takes in some of these people. You all voted for this mess you deal with it. Most of them in motel by me are young and lazy. Outside playing waffle ball having a grand old time. Get a job, everyone is hiring.

  4. Vermonter is a term that used to refer to a person who was born and raised in Vermont. Flatlanders have moved in, taken over, and not Vermonter means (to the left wing democrats) anyone who happens to show up and ask for benefits.

    • I’ll correct you AND Patrick slightly: As per the US Constitution, its amendments and its laws, such as the freedom of movement laws, the right to travel privileges, the 14th-amendment giving all US citizens the right to travel and freely establish residency, the original motto of the United States “E Pluribus Unum” adopted by our 18th Century Congress meaning “Though many, one”, etc. all refute your highly personal, arbitrary definition of a “Vermonter”.

      There are numerous Vermonters, such as myself, who though not born here have elected to reside herein and have at all times abided by the laws of the state, contributed to this state by volunteering on municipal commission(s) to assist in the enforcement of such laws, paid my taxes in timely fashion, met my civic duties by voting in both national & local elections, (in sharp contrast to most “natives” I personally know) and worked on political campaigns & contributied funding towards conservative/GOP candidates over the decades.

      Should those who consider “Vermonters” merely those who proclaim that they are “natives”, Vermont would be a nearly vacant state, as virtually every “Vermonter” or his direct ancestors laid claim here at some point from other locales such as CT, NYS, or MA or any one of a number of other states individuals & families migrated from prior to the original populace who themselves immigrated from England. As far as being birthed here per your description, I have family members born at SVMC in Bennington who have never resided in VT for a single week, but instead have been NYC residents their entire forty-plus years. What about those birthed in towns within what is now southern VT which both NYS and CT laid claim to hundreds of years ago? Many legal & historical documents from the Pownal/Bennington areas still remain in the files of NYS & the famed “Battle of Bennington” is a New York State historic site and NOT a VT site. CT too claimed that the geography of portions of what is now Vermont was theirs as well.

      Those who cling to these clannish and unconstitutional ideologies whilst simultaneously claiming they are Constitutionalists or defenders of the USA whenever it’s convenient, as well as those who apparently equate those born in other States within the Union who live in Vermont with the illegal immigrants pouring in from the Democrat’s illegal & dangerous open borders merely sound ignorant. And frankly? Despite potentially sounding somewhat the same myself? I personally don’t think you and yours can risk despoiling hundreds if not thousands of conservative-minded, freedom-fighting, patriotic, 2nd amendment defending Americans such as myself in fighting the Communist onslaught of TRUE invaders that have descended upon Vermont lately with many more yet to come.

      Try not to eat your own. It doesn’t benefit anyone. Though I have the distinct feeling that you both shall continue to do so.

      With that being said, however, I FIRMLY agree there ought to be strictly enforced residency requirements in order to be able to avail oneself of ANY state’s social programs.

  5. If you won’t get into the streets to protest you need to at least vote ! If you won’t make the effort for either you need to stop complaining!! Lazy Republicans/ independents caused this! We lost our state to apathetic citizens. Don’t vote party! Vote for ethics and loyalty to the issues. Just vote!!

  6. Vermont is not the only State. The real problem in Vermont is it is too small and too broke to handle the problem they created. As communities in New York City and Chicago are finding out the hard way now and the local citizens are livid. They are finding out that their representatives are selling them out and throwing them out in favor of the “new arrivals.” The Left and RINOs own it, so let them fill their pants as the situation becomes even more chaotic. The buses will roll in from the South and the North. The irony is their Masters are now turning on them and making them eat it – hook, line, and sinker. Prepare and get your houses in order. There is no voting out of this mess now…so let it collapse and be ready to take over when the cowards run and disappear.