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VT Headlines: Burlington property owners putting up fences to discourage vagrants, violence

Photo by Melisa Valentin
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WCAXBurlington property owners putting up fences to discourage vagrants, violence
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    • They could also do nothing but instead just claim their property is totally secure like the border. Or put up one of those ‘we love everybody’ signs so the vagrants know to move onto the next house.

    • They’re all hypocrites. No different than Chuck Shumer begging for money in 2007 to build a wall under the “Secure Fence Act”. Try to find a DEM now that wants “common sense” border security since Trump. You won’t. Because they have no principles.

  1. My compliments to the photographer — but many of us will never be able to afford a property like that which we could put up a fence on, thanks to the income tax and the property tax on single family homesteads (which the neoconservatives support by electing those who maintain the status quo.)

    Land is a finite resource but the population keeps growing; thus you have no inherent right to take more than what you need — we fought a war with king George over that, remember? We should only be taxing home owners that hold title to more than one property, because the speculators & equity capital firms are racing to buy up everything they can get their hands on in the hope of turning the peasants into perpetual tenants. And how many of you have invested in hedge funds which are doing exactly that, hmm? —I should also point out that fences won’t stop the neoconservatives from committing a trespass against our property (including our bodies) for the purpose of dictating which of God’s medicinal herbs we can cultivate or consume. If personal liberty is only a matter of ballot counting (rather than human rights) then maybe you don’t need that cow-burger either.