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VT Headlines: Burlington Police involved in standoff with armed robbery suspect

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WCAXFloodplain restoration underway in Brattleboro
WCAXDerby farmer picks up Ag Hall of Fame award
NBC 5FEMA delivers update on temporary housing headed to Vermont
WCAXVt. downtowns attempt to rebuild with future floods in mind – Pt. 2
WCAXVt. parents to gather to remember children lost to overdoses
WCAXBurlington Police involved in standoff with armed robbery suspect
NBC 5Morristown police discuss crime increase over the past month
NBC 5Search for armed suspect no longer active at North Beach

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  1. So I don’t see the point, the police respond to a call of someone breaking a law
    ” Robbery ” ………not just jaywalking,

    We are or were a country of laws, and if you break one, well you’ll have to deal
    with law officials that would be the Police, I assume this POS doing this crime
    with a firearm, apparently, the State and federal gun laws mean nothing to him, hopefully, he gets to entertain the federal systems !!!

  2. In response to the FEMA story: What a joke. The state managed to locate thousands of units of “temporary housing” in local motels for mostly out-of-state homeless and illegal immigrants to live in over the last several years, but FEMA cannot seem to locate any housing availability yet for mostly in-state long-term residents who have an emergent need due to being displaced by an emergency situation.

    I suppose if they quickly begin selling drugs, fist-fighting violently, and going on social services on a permanent basis…they might have better luck.