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VT Headlines: Burlington declares substance use a public health crisis

NBC 5Inspired Rutland team captures boys golf championship
NBC 5Burlington declares substance use a public health crisis
NBC 5Vermont man airlifted for treatment of serious injuries following rollover crash in Bethel
WCAXBurlington City Council passes resolution to prioritize drug crisis
WCAXSt. Johnsbury leaders ask for public feedback on traffic stops
NBC 5Local Jewish organizations taking extra safety precautions as war wages on in Israel
NBC 5Burlington plans to open low-barrier winter shelter as homeless population skyrockets
NBC 5Barre City Council votes on removing planning commissioner after podcast comments
WCAXTown of Coventry looks to upgrade community playground
WCAXBristol celebrates completion of additional housing construction

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  1. What has Burlington done to discourage drug abuse ? And on the other hand, has Burlington done things to make drug abuse seemingly more acceptable ? Why does Burlington have a problem with substance abuse and all the other problems associated with it ?

  2. Let’s see, you let illegal drug use and you offer drug paraphernalia available to anyone who asks for it, you have drug use outside City Hall in City Hall Park and
    Burlington thinks they have a crisis, they let it happen and now they are concerned
    this is what you get, with liberal fools running a city, and that includes the feckless Mayor !!

    Just keep watching the decay of the Queen City, now the home for any and all vagrants……….. It’s your tax dollars being wasted.

  3. The abusers come to Burlington like a moth to a flame.

    Free needles, free food, get out of jail free cards, invitations via lax control to dealers and when you OD a get out of jail free with readily available NARCAN administered by understaffed, professional first responders. Then an opportunity to do it all again.

    And then they wonder why it is happening to poor Burlington. You welcome the devil in and when he comes is no time to wonder how he got there. The time was not to allow them in at the first place.

    Perhaps the wall should not be placed at the Mexican border but around Burlington. Unless the leadership demonstrates some proactive actions and policies this will continue. Step up and lead while we have a chance.

    If you were a betting person, where do you think the end game will be? For now , my money is on the bad guys and not the current leadership.
    We don’t have to accept this.

  4. Where in God’s name have these people been. Head in sand syndrome comes to mind.

  5. Junkies using the substance of their choice is a PRIVATE health crisis. Junkies robbing others, neglecting their children and leaving bloody syringes in public places is a PUBLIC health crisis. The failure to enforce the border laws and vagrancy laws and the failure to prosecute crimes against others is a public safety crisis.

  6. The NBC5 story leaves out much detail of the skirmish in Barre regarding removing the Planning Commissioner. The Mayor and woke Councilors weilding their SJW wands again? The Mayor being an experienced planning development insider for Milton and the State of Vermont (aka grifter.) He pulled up his BLM flag and settled in Barre to accelerate the communist utopia. Now, we have the Branch Pride-vidians front and center, 10x more non-profit grifters, State (property tax exempt) squatters, 50x drug addicts and dealers, and 100x increasing poverty, post-flood apocalypse. Secret meetings and talk of $500,000,000 flood damage bill to hoist upon the broken backs of property owners and businesses who will likely fold. On top of that, property reassessment planned for early 2024. Scary Barre indeed! Yet, their primary focus is on diversity (aka diversion), equity (aka discrimination) and inclusion (aka exclusion for heterosexual caucasians.)