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VT Headlines: Brainstorming ways to meet state’s climate action plan

WCAXFuture of celebrity-owned hemp farm remains uncertain following flood
VT DiggerChemicals show up in more Bennington wells 7 years after PFAS detected in area
NBC 5It’s a triple win’: How a new program will help Vermont’s housing crunch and workforce shortage
WCAXBrainstorming ways to meet state’s climate action plan
WCAXVermont lawmakers weigh in after U.S. house passes bill to avoid government shutdown
VT DiggerMilton residents raise objections as town pulls funding for local arts organization
WCAXLocal photographer highlights Vermont’s female farmers

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  1. The Chicken Little Climate Change barnyard is in an uproar. Nevermind the open borders, drug and human trafficking, economic implosion, death and despair all around. No amount of pocket picking from these freaks of misery will ever be enough. They need to shut up and go away! That will alone will reduce carbon emissions ten-fold.