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VT Headlines: VT man shares frightening story of violent home invasion

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WCAXVermont man shares frightening story of violent home invasion
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  1. This is horrific, but I remain puzzled as to WHY this poor man did NOT call the police as the invaders pounded on his doors & windows attempting to break-in. I also question WHY this man did not utilize his rights to self-defense under the Castle Doctrine, justifiable homicide, lethal force, etc. to protect himself & his family under these circumstances. The old Vermont is gone – where folks might actually attempt to “reason” with perpetrators and not involve law enforcement in order to “resolve” virtually everything “peaceably”.

    WAKE UP. It is gone and gone for good – and you have the intrinsic and legal and ethical right to defend & protect yourself, your family, AND other innocents!!!

    USE IT!!!!!!!

    • Unfortunately, Vermont does NOT have “castle doctrine” type self defense laws on the books and a person choosing to use reasonable, lethal force in the face of imminent threat to life and safety must fear the potential for legal repercussions. Marxist governments like we chronically elect to run our state dont like any kind of do-it-yourselfers solving problems for themselves and others…that is the purpose of government.

    • Probably one of those guys that says to himself, “it won’t happen to me”.

  2. How awful for this man and his elderly mother. I wonder how the thieves knew of the collections. The house is modest from the outside and surely did not advertise what was inside – someone they knew perhaps? Yes, Vermonters are waking up to the fact that life has changed – crime, drugs and a revolving door judicial system that allows offenders to be set back out on the streets have ruined a once peaceful existence.

    • He is well known for acquiring jewelry. I’ve encountered him at my own yard sale looking for jewelry (nada sorry!) and at others. I didn’t know his name or where he lives but I’m sure plenty of other people did and some weren’t the sort you’d want to know this about you. Why he cruised yard sales for jewelry so close to home, why he talked about his “collection “ to others and why he would stash it at home is a mystery to me.

  3. Arm yourselves people, arm yourselves. If you are inept in the use of firearms, get some training. People need to be their own protectors. No one else is coming to save you in the event of a home invasion. Seconds count. Aim center mass and make sure that detachable box is emptied!

  4. Been robbed already, advertises his wealth, has $100,000 in jewelry on display or easily accessible, and didn’t used to even lock his doors, doesn’t have a security system, or the apparent ability to defend himself? I mean, poor guy, but seriously… naive, even in Vermont.