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VT Headlines: Are VT inmates getting the health care they need behind bars?

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WCAXHow you can help film crew making Vermont flooding documentary
WCAXAre Vt. inmates getting the health care they need behind bars? Advocates raise concerns
NBC 5Norwich hires former Capitol police chief to be new interim chief
NBC 5FEMA looking to hire local Vermonters for flood recovery

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  1. I feel, given what is going on at UVM Health, they are getting better care than my family outside of bars. Plus, we have the added benefit of paying for both.

  2. Well, let’s see. I don’t eat three times a day. I don’t have Obamacare. Too expensive, can’t afford it. Work 50 plus hours a week. Pay high taxes. I didn’t violate someones rights or break the law. They are not at a company retreat, resort or getaway. To many it is better then what they had so it is like heaven to them. Stop baby everyone. I watched my mother-in-law struggle to pay her bills and buy food. She worked her years and had their own business. Seniors struggle and it is annoying when I see articles like this.

  3. Are Vermont inmates getting the healthcare they need behind bars? Considering what I have experienced with the corporate healthcare business, healthcare is a shameful misnomer. Likely the moniker invented by eugenist, John D. Rockefeller and his merryband of nililistic wealthy ghouls. Inmates? Are we not all inmates under the installed regimes? Some have physical metal bars locking them into cells with freedoms and rights taken away. Others are locked into mental matrix paradigm cells with the delusion of being free and having rights. Food for thought.

  4. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. And remember too, especially those in Canada – Only you can prevent forest fires.

    Sometimes simple is still best for simpletons.

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