VT GOP creates ‘Excess Ballot’ reporting

VTGOP Chair Paul Dame October 11 announced the creation of an “Excess Ballot” Reporting system.

“Over the past two weeks many Vermonters have been receiving their ballots in the mail in order to more conveniently vote in November’s General Election.  I personally have received an additional ballot that belongs to someone who has not lived in my home in the four years since I bought it.  During the last two radio appearances a listener has called in to share their experiences as well, that they have received an excess ballot that did not belong at their residence.

While Democrats ignored Republican input on this very issue during the debate, we still have an opportunity to make a positive impact and help clean up the voter check list.  And the VTGOP is taking steps to do that using the processes outlined in our state laws.

Today we have launched an “Excess Ballot” reporting system on our website.  Anyone who received an excess ballot is able to go to our website and report the error.  Because our Town Clerks are very busy getting ready for Election Day and some are even processing ballots as they come in, we will wait until after the election to forward this information to the appropriate election authorities so that the process can begin to remove excess names from the voter checklist.

To report an Excess Ballot go to: www.vtgop.org/ballots. Source: VTGOP press release.

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  1. Thanks for doing this wonderful and needed thing Paul. There were excess ballots 2 years ago when I campaigned and happening again. The numbers sent out are not accurate. Tried taking my findings to the Town clerk’s office of deaths and ppl who moved when I went door to door. I was told that they couldn’t take them and that ppl had to call themselves. So my question was, “Do you really think those who have moved to another state really care and certainly the dead won’t be calling”. Still, she couldn’t take my list. The least they could do is take a list and check for truth.

    • In our town we have relied on people we know to let us know who has moved or died, that we as BCA’s are unaware of.
      Our past two Town Clerks made it a priority to clean up our roles. It remains to be seen with our newest Town clerk. Any city that doesn’t accept that info from townfolk who are trying to help are part of the corrupt system.

      • Hello Veronica,

        It’s a start to get information to check the validity of a person on a Voter Checklist, but the process requires documentation to actually remove someone.

        Citizens need to get involved, run for Justices of the Peace, go to their Town and City BCA Meetings and bring accountability to those who have been given the authority to act.

        Vermont Election Law requires a meeting every two years in September of the odd numbered years, to work on Voter Checklists. Your Town Clerk calls that meeting as the Clerk of the BCA and plays a big part in how effective the process is.

        Article 6 of the Vermont Constitution requires Citizens to hold their Elected Officials accountable.

        “That all power being originally inherent in and co[n]sequently derived from the people, therefore, all officers of government, whether legislative or executive, are their trustees and servants; and at all times, in a legal way, accountable to them.”

        Let’s ALL get involved and do our duty for Freedom in our Constitutional Republic form of government that is, “Of The People, By The People and for The People.”

  2. The oft repeated statement, mostly from the Left, about how voter fraud has never been an issue is transparently misdirection. There was never this level of mail-in ballots utilized.

  3. WOW! Finally the Vermont Republicans DO SOMETHING about our broken Vermont Election System, however small it is.

    GOP Chair Dames’s words saying, “Vermonters are receiving their ballots in the mail in order to more conveniently vote” reveals his lack of knowledge about ALL the existing problems with Vermont’s Election System.

    On top of the State’s already mandated use of Voting Tabulator Machines to “count our votes,” in May of 2021, the Progressive/Marxist Vermont Legislature made Covid Emergency Voting Measures Permanent.

    The Secretary of State took over control of our Ballots and they are mailing Ballots to ALL persons on ALL Voter Checklists throughout the State of Vermont. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!!

    What percentage of persons on Voter Checklists are accurate? Do they care? Add this to the already implemented, same day voting, same day registration, early voting, no ID’s required, DMV Automatic Voter Registrations, Ballot harvesting, unmanned Ballot Drop Boxes and Election Day is now Election Month. Ballots have more than 30 days to float around.

    Does this sound like a Free and Fair Election System without Corruption that our Constitution Promises? (Article 8)

    Chair Dame, what is really needed is a LAWSUIT filed against the State of Vermont by the GOP.

    Do you have the courage to REALLY DO SOMETHING?

  4. There is no logical reason for not purging voter rolls of those moved out of state or the dead. The only possible reason for not doing it is to facilitate voter fraud.

    • Dear Paul B.,

      It REALLY is not that simple to purge Voter Checklists. There is a process. As someone who has worked on Voter Checklists I believe the problem is mostly a lack of the involvement of “The People.”

      Town Boards of Civil Authority (BCA) have charge over Elections and Voter Checklists. BCA’s are made up of Selectboard Members, Justices of the Peace (JP’s) and the Town Clerk as the Clerk of the BCA. Justices of the Peace are not paid positions and we know Selectboards typically get small stipends. That leaves Town Clerk’s as the only paid position on the BCAs.

      Volunteering, dedication and commitment are necessary to get the BCA tasks accomplished. we need people to get involved and show up! BCA Meeting Attendance is typically a problem.

      JP’s are elected during General Elections from each Town’s Citizenry. Candidates file papers to run and they are elected for a two year term. During that two year term the BCA is supposed to do a purge of their Voter Checklist. Vermont Election Laws lay out the acceptable rules and procedures.

      Many people think Justices of the Peace exist to marry people, so they don’t run. JP’s can marry people if they choose, but their most important job is Elections.

      If you want to help get the job done, volunteer your time and run for Justice of the Peace. If your Town doesn’t have a minimum of three persons on your BCA from each Major Party (Republican, Democrat, Progressive) persons can be appointed. If you can’t be a part of your BCA, attend BCA Meetings, learn how the BCA works and provide oversight and accountability.


  5. Why does voting need to be more convenient?? If a person is serious about voting they will find a way to do it as absentee ballots have been around as long as I’ve been voting

    • “…more convenient” for the fraudsters to operate more fully/undetected. I know of a household a few doors away from me; two ballots were mailed there when one is deceased and the other has relocated. Who’s to say those ballots won’t be used by someone else?

  6. It’s a noble call to action by the GOP. However, don’t hold your breath for Progressives (cultural Marxists) to report extra ballots. It’s by their design. Shameful.

  7. Argh, I accidently posted this earlier to the wrong article:

    Secretary Condos and many of his colleagues across the country have been in la-la land regarding this. It really is very simple. Put a ballot in the hands of a 3rd party and you instantly lose the secure chain of custody. It cannot be argued that ballot security is better with the mail-in system. Why now is this needed ? What has changed to require this ? The impact of the pandemic has faded. Now we have activists “collecting” ballots so an any individual can easily vote without leaving the house. What could go wrong ?

    I have been isolated in my house for over 2 years now, yet I found the means to hand my ballot to an official at the voting location. This process has worked for over 200 years. Why do we need to go backwards ?

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