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VT fatal overdose climb continues

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Seven DaysGrim Tally of Fatal Overdoses Continues to Climb in Vermont
VT DiggerHealth advocates hope to clinch a ban on flavored tobacco this year
VT DiggerExpanded sheriff reform bill advances in the Vermont Senate
WCAXVt. lawmakers to vote on public retirement measure
NBC 5Scheduling mistake affects Winooski’s approved ballot item
VT DiggerCamels Hump 8th grader wins Vermont spelling bee for 2nd year in a row

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  1. It needs to be continually pointed out to those in charge that this “grim tally” of fentanyl is completely attributable to the lack of control at the US southern border.
    So ironic that states which still have a legal avenue for capital punishment are unable to obtain the necessary drugs to perform lethal injections, and we have this lethal street drug so cheap and available. It begs the question, why not just use a large dose of fentanyl? If the Governor’s call comes in too late, they can just shove a narcan pen up the nose of the condemned and bring them back. You can’t do that with pentobarbital…

  2. But it was proposed that the addiction treatment centers being placed all over VT would end this. There are three in the town of Bennington alone, so how is this possible? Does this also mean that the continuous construction of low-income housing will not cure the need for homeless or low-income housing either? Well, to point to Bennington again – Shires Housing, a PERMANENT fixture in Bennington proper, builds non-stop low-income housing and has for decades now. Yet the chronic need for more & more never wanes.

    Interesting, as it is those within the conservative movement who have claimed all along that PERMANENT societal solutions must be found, developed, and implemented – and not these virtue-signaling non-remedies which are designed merely to very temporarily placate the dems & progressives and do nothing to solve these issues. Nevertheless, more & more low-income housing will be built, more & more treatment centers will be opened, and undoubtably brand new “safe injection” sites will be created as well – with the numbers of homeless, the addicted, and low-income Vermonters climbing without abatement. But tourism SHALL indeed wane.

    Again, the definition of: STUPID.

    • We Vermont taxpayers subsidize these “treatment” centers, which in the opinion of some dispense bad information about how to manage one’s addiction. Meanwhile, the VT legislature is attempting to shut down organizations that dispense information on how to manage one’s pregnancy, because they dont like the advice that they give…more liberal hypocrisy.

  3. Please stop calling these fentanyl OD’s, OD’s. They are quite clearly poisonings. Time to call them that. The drug of choice is the coke or pot being consumed, not the fentanyl. These dealers selling this need to be brought up on murder charges. The consumers should be getting the testing strips and testing BEFORE consuming. The may actually live.

    • Warnings about fentanyl are not always heeded with caution. Several years ago, when there were a cluster of overdoses in an area, police would release an image of the seal on the packaging to warn people to avoid the “dangerous batch”. Then 2 Vermont police departments announced they they would no longer be divulging this information, since they determined that some junkies were using it to deliberately seek out the more powerful product. Now we taxpayers are supplying fentanyl test kits. Do we have any assurance that junkies are not using them to specifically seek out the fentanyl-laced product? Sometimes, these acts of intended “harm reduction” have the opposite effect. It could be suggested to have enhanced penalties for those who knowingly distribute fentanyl mixed with other opioids or other street drugs, but we can’t even get our prosecutors to enforce burglaries and car break-ins. We vote for this.