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  1. Vermont Digger put together an article on the Rutland meeting in their morning edition. The title is “Watch Out for That Word Equity “…so criticism of and attempts for parents to understand CRT and equity has become “The Big Bad Wolf” for the Digger.
    From the Digger’s article “…Rhetoric on Wednesday aligned with a recent nationwide push among conservative activists to ban conversations about racism from local schools”.
    So de facto if parents refuse to have their child traumatized and made uncomfortable about a part of him/her that cannot be changed, that parent is labeled a” conservative activist” instead of a loving parent. Yes indeed, demonize the opposition, stigmatize it and then cancel it. Thank you again Liz Cady, John Klar and Guy Page for being new voices in Vermont .

    • Monique Thurston; I was called racist for criticizing the looting that ruined the lives of countless people, most of them Black people.
      Also for using the concept and adverb “equitability” rather than the more manipulative noun “equity”.

  2. Thank you for covering this. May be the most important issue we have to address. CRT is divisive and harmful to our youth. Hopefully more parent groups will become involved and run for school boards.

  3. Thanks to EVERY concerned & patriotic Vermonter who is standing between our U.S.A & the forces of Marxism, socialism, & pure evil via Saul Alinsky style.

    Make your voices heard any & every way you can: at the polls, at the school board, at town meetings, at GOP meetings, campaigning for candidates, writing letters to publications, contacting our elected!

    Our apathy & our silence has escalated what we are now living. NO MORE!

  4. Shees ….
    ‘Digger” failed to mention the “ladies” who wouldn’t stand for the pledge of allegiance?
    shocking ….

    We all like the first amendment.
    We take umbrage when the [reporting] turns into an arm of a political party.

  5. CRT and progressive leftist doctrine are nothing new. People of all races and ethnicities have been subjugated at one time or another for centuries. Today’s circumstance in the United States is no different. And, ironically, the very people who claim to have an evolved understanding of our collective discriminatory ways, today characterized as ‘whiteness’, are the perpetrators of this continued subjugation.

    CRT and progressive leftist doctrine represent the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will stop at nothing to promote their perverse, self-proclaimed superiority, which includes characterizing themselves as uniquely ‘enlightened’. In fact, they represent the evil side of our human nature, and the public-school monopoly continues to be the lynchpin (pun intended) for our progressive left, self-anointed overseers.

    • Watch this short clip of a Firing Line debate from almost 40 years ago. Decide for yourselves who is ‘enlightened’ and who is being oppressed.

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