Video: Dem, Progressive minimum wage bills

Videos of two Vermont minimum wage bills introduced by Tim Page.

by Timothy Page

Two bills introduced to the Legislature on February 28th would raise the minimum wage by differing amounts.

H.415 would “increase the minimum wage to $19.45 on July 1, 2023 and to repeal certain exemptions to the minimum wage and overtime laws. This bill also proposes to create a grant program for certain small businesses to lessen the financial impact of increases to the minimum wage on employers.”

S.108 would “reduce the number of exemptions from Vermont’s minimum wage law and increase the minimum wage so that it reaches $15.00 per hour by January 1, 2025. This bill also proposes to study the possibility of eliminating certain exemptions to the Vermont minimum wage, eliminating the tipped minimum wage, and requiring inmates in Vermont correctional institutions to be paid at least the Vermont minimum wage.”

H. 415 was sponsored by Representatives Kate Logan (P/D – Burlington) and Jubilee McGill (D – Bridport) and read into the House General and Housing Committee. S. 108 was sponsored by seven Senators including Tanya Vyhovsky (P/D – Essex) and Anne Watson (P/D – Montpelier) and was read into the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs.

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  1. If I were to stay here I’m flipping burgers for that money, no more late nights and set hours plus huge tax incentives, government handouts. Done and Done.

  2. Really, pay prisoners, who brake laws and hurt people a minimum wage. I can only assume this is because there are more minorities in prison than white people, so this policy is some strange type of restorative justice. I hate this state. I worked for 30 years not making more than 35,000 dollars a year. I worked in supposedly professional jobs and could barely support myself. I finally completed my college education at the age of 56 and was able to get a job that paid better.

    I am sure we will have people lining up to be incarcerated in Vermont. Free room and board and a salary to of 40k a year. I lived off 6 dollars an hour at one point. Farmers left lima beans on my doorstep which I schucked and froze. They let me pick the left over tomatos to process at the end of the season.

  3. Minimum wage raises work well. NOT, employers just raise the price of their goods or services cause they are going broke already trying to run a business in Vt. So they take a job paying $20 an hour worth less. If a pizza at local pizza joint is $18.95 and you increase minimum wage they raise it to $20.95 now both person’s are making less money. Idiots run this State and country.
    People trying to live on part time or School age starter jobs is not they way it works people. But since our government gave all our manufacturing jobs away to China and rest of world this is what you get.
    Reminder Vt 4th highest priced state to live in and 47th for highest income.
    And people ask me why I’m selling out and moving.

  4. Minimum wage is not for a career, it’s a starting place until you have a skill to get a better paying job.

  5. politicians will never understand that a free market is best way to determine wages and prices. usually plays well with voters to say you want to raise minimum. not good for consumers unless accompanied by increase in productivity which never happens so costs go up

  6. I guess the only good thing with this is with these libtard prosecutors we won’t have any prisoners left!