Video: Amy Hornblas, persistent foe of mask mandates, unmasks VT’s non-scientific policies

In the latest release of Plan V-TV, Dr. Rob Williams speaks with Vermonter Amy Hornblas, public health researcher and publisher of the “I’ve felt since the beginning that these masks are the Achilles Heel,” Hornblas tells Williams.

In the latest release of Plan V-TV, Dr. Rob Williams spoke with Vermonter Amy Hornblas, public health researcher and publisher of the “I’ve felt since the beginning that these masks are the Achilles Heel,” Hornblas tells Williams.

Hornblas and Williams discussed what they said is the lack of scientific consensus on the health value of masks. Even Anthony Fauci referred to mask wearing as a ‘talisman’ that makes people feel safer, Williams said.

Hornblas talked about ‘face dysmorphia’ – including an encounter with a teenager who was wearing a mask outside. When Hornblas mentioned she doesn’t need to wear a mask outside, the girl responded: “Oh no, I’m not wearing it for Covid. I have face dysmorphia.” She said she was afraid that if she showed her face, people would be horrified, and so she keeps her face covered.

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  1. Dr. Williams and Amy Hornblas should be congratulated and supported for their efforts exposing the tyranny of Vermont’s public education cartel.

    Not only does the VT AOE not have any evidence supporting masking, the health data provided by Dr. Mark Levine and the VT Dept. of Health (on which these judgements are based and also gleaned from a FOIA request), are misleading. Only 25% of the deaths attributed to Covid list the virus as the primary cause of death. And only 18% of those deaths listed Covid as the single cause of death.

    Most importantly, the number of deaths attributed to Covid for students 18-years-of-age or less is zero. Again, that’s ZERO.

    In fact, the VT DOH statistics listed only one person under the age of 30 having died from Covid. And that unfortunate 28-year-old died of a fentynyl/cocaine over does. Covid wasn’t listed in any of the four mortality causes… it was a notation in the autopsy.

    And still, vaccinations are not only recommended for children, but imposed on them, by some of our public schools, despite protestations by parents… and despite the increased risk of side-effects.

  2. But enough already. We get it. We’re all weeping. It’s time to do something. Forget getting into the weeds of a cost benefit analysis. Logic has no place in this debate. The only recourse is to provide a tuition voucher for parents to choose the schools they believe best meet the needs of their children. Period!

    • H. Jay Eshelman, in some circumstances, like that of the tiny school in the NEK still masking for one child with a 504 plan, folks have left the school for others in the district or to homeschool. But many more are left behind for lack of transportation to another school out of their town. Its the back door enforcement ie: using the Disabilities Act to hide behind, that need addressing.

  3. Anyone who can read and “think critically” has known from the start about the many lies perpetrated in creating the Covid hysteria and fear mongering including the “effectiveness of the masks/face coverings, the shut downs, the stay at home orders and the experimental shots and boosters.”

    Some, including most of our VT Legislature along with our Governor, are still caught up in the emotion and fear of these lies as they continue to oppress and take away our Rights and Privileges unnecessarily.

    Look up: Vermont House Bill 42 just passed.

    Why are Vermont Town Meetings being allowed to go completely to electronic means with no previously required physical location at this present time? Why did Governor Scott go along with this Bill so easily? Why does this Bill about Town Meetings go through July of 2024? Is there something more going on behind the scenes?

    Push back on your Town Selectboards as they have the ability to decide to meet in person or at least have a physical location to allow the people/taxpayers to attend and participate in their Town Meetings if they so choose.

  4. Have you ever heard a progressive admit they were wrong? Me neither! There’s a lot of money that’s been passed around and has landed in progressive hands to fund more of their destructive mandates and orders. If by any chance, (there isn’t) that they stopped pushing the Covid lies, the money would dry up.

  5. I sent a scientific paper written by a neurologist to the superintendent of EWSD about a study showed that masking young children can result in neurological development issues. This is because children’s developing brains are extremely sensitive to any reduction in oxygen. The paper stated that the damage is not immediately evident. The superintendent told me to call the Health or governor’s office. I responded by communicating that the governor’s office calls aren’t being answered, and there is no way to get information to the state health office. No one in this state cared about this potential outcome.

    • Thank you for your efforts, CJ. There’s a lot of buried efforts. Somehow parents need to rise up and say enough! Give us back the freedoms the masks have robbed us of – not just medically speaking, but financially and socially, too.

      Dr,. Breggin and others at the Vermont Global Covid Summit painted a very clear picture along with CHD that the whole covid pandemic was an overblown manipulation of the world to drink in propagandized fears.

  6. I really appreciate Ms Hornblas’ persistence in exposing this idiotic hysteria. I wish I had known about the OSHA/Employer aspect of mandating masks. Last December 2021 I came down with CV-19 right before Christmas, this was right before the SCOTUS killed the Biden/OSHA vax mandate. My company was over 100 employees, when l recovered I discovered that my company (presumably in response to the killed mandate) had instituted a caste/two tiered discriminatory policy of mask wearing for “unvaxxed” individuals. I had already had enough the BS and that was the final straw for me. I gave my notice, and walked away from a 42 year career 18 months before I was eligible for SS. I have no regrets, I’m working two days a week for myself and loving it. I would have loved to have pressed my company on this point of law, but I’m happy. I really feel for younger coworkers who felt that had no choice because of financial obligations. It is amazing to witness the mass delusion that is still continuing today as I see so many people (many young) out and about willingly masking themselves in the most ludicrous places.

  7. I spent the last four months of 2021 and the first three months of 2022 traveling to school board meetings all over Northern VT to fight against the masks and jabs being forced on our Students. All on my Dime and my time.
    I had prepared a packet of documentation proving the harm the masks were causing.
    I used documentation from research Amy had done. I consider Amy a friend and having her information was a great help when I met with the school boards.
    Unfortunately far too often Parents would not show up to defend their children.
    All the proof in the World meant nothing to these school board members.
    They just didn’t care. Many would not even accept the documentation I prepared.
    Why would they ? They cashed in the covid money Scott provided.
    Scott even blackmailed some school districts by rewarding them with money for high jab rates and withholding money from school districts that were below the arbitrary 80% goal Scott required.
    If not unconstitutional, at least incredibly dirty. Scott didn’t care, the school board members didn’t care and the Parents that refused to step up for their children didn’t care.
    Now we have proof that none of the mandates were necessary. None of them helped or protected any student.
    State Employees, State Liquor Store employees and planned parenthood cashed in. All declared by Scott to be ” Essential ” while you weren’t. They never missed a check.
    And some did benefit, the school boards that cashed in on selling your children’s health.
    The hospitals, doctors and dentists offices and every other place you are required to wear a mask are predators. Still cashing in on fear and control.
    Thank you Amy for all you have done and still doing.