Video: 90% Regenerative Economy bill has socialist vibe

News & Video by Tim Page

A bill introduced to the House on March 1st would have plans in place by 2026 to force Vermont to overhaul its entire economy to be what it calls a “regenerative economy.”

H.435 would address claims that “the world is facing climate emergencies, mass extinction, and ecological collapse as a consequence of human economic activity over the past 400 years. These activities did not account for the full impact of the economy on the environment and on society. In order to survive these changes, Vermont must build resiliency and create a roadmap for a just transition from an extractive economy to a new economy that repairs and restores the Earth.”

Also, the bill states: “There will not be economic justice without racial  justice and social equity, and the new economy must recognize and rectify the  intersection of systemized oppressions,” and openly calls for the creation of local “People’s Assemblies.”

The bill was lead-sponsored by Representatives Brian Cina (P/D-Burlington) and Amy Sheldon (D-Middlebury), and referred to the House Committee on the Environment and Energy.

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  1. At best a not for profit mission statement. At worst a law attempting to cure all if the worlds perceived problems and solving none. State legislators would be well advised to focus on Vermonts issues.

  2. This is directly related to Social Justice, as envisioned by the United Nations. Is anyone else out there reading the various United Nations and World Economic Forum documents. Forced equal outcomes based on race by definition is Socialism. Biden’s executive order for CBDC states that the new financial system needs to address Human Rights and Equity. Based on the United Nations definition of equitynsnd this bill, I think we can assume that wealth will be redistributed when fiat money is converted to digital currency. Equity is addressed in the United Nations Agenda 2030, in which the US is a signatory. The new stakeholder capitalism model
    and ESG requirements are a neo-Communist, geo-fascist system by design. Welcome to the 21st century! Social Emotional Learning is the tool to install the biological need for Socialism in every person. SEL data will be used for the political and economical management of the population.

    • Truth…and all hiding in plain sight for those who want to look beyond their media bubbles. The gods of “settled science” cannot abide debate or answer fundamental questions that require logic. That makes them mad, then insane if they can’t shut it down. They fear the light.

      But if you’re out there naval gazing about what color or letter of the alphabet you identify as, then you might just be happy owning nothing in one of their 15-minute cities or in a FEMA camp somewhere.

  3. The movers and shakers are going to commodify natural resources, so I am assuming Vermont elected officials are keen on lending or perhaps even borrowing on the value of our resources as collateral. Beware.

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