Vermont’s hunting season for Gray Squirrels opens September 1

Hunters can pursue one of Vermont’s tastiest and most abundant small game species — the gray squirrel — anywhere stands of nut-bearing trees are found.
VTF&WD Photo by John Hall

Vermont Fish and Wildlife

MONTPELIER, Vt. – The Vermont hunting season for gray squirrels begins Friday, September 1.  The season runs through Sunday, December 31, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

“Vermont has a healthy population of gray squirrels, concentrated in southern Vermont and the Champlain Valley,” said Hunter Education Coordinator Nicole Meier.  “They’re a fantastic small game species for new hunters to learn the basics of reading the landscape, making a safe and ethical shot and cooking wild game.”

In Vermont, gray squirrels are often hunted with a .22 rifle, a shotgun or archery equipment.  The department recommends that squirrel hunters wear a blaze orange vest or hat anytime they are afield.

The best habitat for squirrel hunting is stands of nut-bearing trees like oak, hickory and beech.  Hunters can harvest four gray squirrels per day and can have up to eight squirrels in their possession — whether in their game bag or in their freezer.

“Gray squirrels are incredibly tasty — many would say better than rabbit,” said Meier.  “You can find great gray squirrel recipes in classic cookbooks, trendy culinary magazines, and of course anywhere that publishes wild food recipes.

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  1. And bear season too ! (dig, dig) I’ve never seen anything, other than maybe a bullhead that’s as hard to skin as a grey squirrel. Any body know an easy way ?

  2. …..Speaking of bear season…have I mentioned how much I personally loathe trapping?? If not, feel free to remind me and I’ll proceed to elaborate…lol!

    (Can’t help the way God created me…..I love all animals. Alive.) And I’d love to opine that I believe that most women have a “softer side” than do most men, though I have the distinct impression I’ll be called a….. wait for it….”sexist”.

    Anyway, if you fellas have an issue with my innate love of all creatures great & small…proceed to take it up with the Big Guy. And NO, I don’t mean Joe Biden!

  3. RE: “if you fellas have an issue with my innate love of all creatures great & small…”

    No sportsman has an issue with your emotional affections. The issue is, when you and other irrational zealots selfishly force your personal agenda upon a father-son heritage that benefits and funds conservation. Tolerance for other traditions is what humanity is about.

    To elaborate, the phycology behind the matter is largely lonely women often rejected by a desirable provider placing human-like emotion upon wild animals to fill a void. If able to harass, assault and vandalize men that are respectable providers to their family, all the better.

    I wish for you thet void in your heart heals.

    • *father-son heritage
      *The amazing people (men and women) who look out for the long term sustainability of this state’s natural beauty
      *the wildlife

      All of it relates to hunting and the great system of hunting licenses which funds it.

  4. Well, it looks to me like you fellas are on the wrong site, as this is a site that freely allows opinions of all types, and you are the ones who appear shaken by the “audacity” of my willingness to comment & my tenacity at not backing down to a group of mostly males clearly threatened by my commentaries.

    Therefore, I’ll repeat it all once more:

    1.) Trapping is inhumane and cruel and not all “traditions” are wanting of continuance, hence slavery (as but one example) was long ago abolished within the USA.

    2.) Mammals of all species possess emotions that include joy, sorrow, grief, etc. as PROVEN via decades of research by institutes of higher education which I surmise none of the commenters on this “blog” have likely attended. Therefore, your statement that “placing human-like” emotions upon animals was long ago evidenced to be a falsehood. With that research completed by the aforementioned institutions & evidence handily accessible on the internet, anyone who persists in concluding that animals don’t possess emotions is endeavoring to be exceptionally irrational, unreasonable, and illogical.

    3.) Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are both intrinsic rights that all enjoy and your intolerance of such wherein it pertains to hunting & trapping are clearly visible.

    Lastly, although you may consider others who hold views opposing trapping to be “irrational”, there are millions of people worldwide, including millions affiliated with animal welfare organizations, who hold the polar opposite viewpoint and consider your views with regard to trapping to be not merely “irrational”, but again cruel, inhumane, and barbarous.

    Now that this all has been re-established however, should you prefer to continue to reiterate these points endlessly as before – I’ll be more than happy to keep up with you…. being originally from NY et al. Tenacity is my thing. And you guys don’t seem to like it one bit.

    • Nobody here stopped you talking. You are free to speak. You seem to think the rest of us should not be free to express disagreement.

      You’ll get over it. Or not.

      • I’m more than well aware of my intrinsic right to free speech and shall continue to use it in order to express my opposition to trapping supported by the research/statistics already cited in previous postings. I do find it more than troubling however that the minute minority of extant trappers in VT find it necessary to resort to either extraneous or belittling comments in response to such opposing views shared by what are, in fact, the majority of residents of Vermont who deem trapping controversial & inhumane (see: VT Digger, Rob Mullen – Survey conducted by VT Department Fish & Wildlife/VT Center for Rural Studies: Nearly two-thirds of Vermont…).

      • I see you mention you are from New York. Did you know that mammals and birds in NYC and its surrounding suburbs are trapped, poisoned, and clubbed to death regularly? There are clubs for dog owners to hunt these mammals on the streets. The poisons left around endanger beloved pets. And you say nothing. You ignore the studies that show mammals have the same maternal feelings as humans. You ignore that these mammals also experience fear, pain and misery. You ignore that the offspring of these animals are trampled underfoot and if a dog should catch and kill a pregnant female the hunters regard this as a great prize.

        The birds are poisoned, trapped, their nests removed and destroyed. They even deploy birds of prey to kill them mercilessly.

        You really should consider returning to NYC to save these poor mammals and birds. Your studies and the obvious popularity of your opinion should be enough to save these poor creatures. I’m sure many here in Vermont would love to contribute to you campaign to save the NY rat.

  5. ‘Xactly. Next! (Hated the part about having to remind myself I was once a New Yawka, but it is the truth after all).