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Vermonter complains about high cost of fuel and everything to Gov. Scott – see what his office wrote back

by Guy Page

If you asked Gov. Phil Scott to do something about the high cost of living in Vermont, what would he suggest?

A Lamoille County resident decided to find out. She wrote a letter telling the governor what we are experiencing: the price of everything is going up, up, up. And she asked, what’s the State of Vermont going to do about it?

Here’s a copy of the answer she received from Gov. Scott’s Constituent Services office:

Dear [Name withheld]:

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your concerns about increasing gas and fuel costs and the general affordability of Vermont.

We understand the concerns and how challenging these added costs are for people and families, especially when considering Vermont’s existing affordability challenges.

It’s important to note, these increases are not due to any state policy and they are being seen nationwide. We understand, however, that this reality does not ease the burden you are facing. To help, here are some resources and potential options to mitigate these high costs:

First, there are some alternative transportation options to help with the burden of commuting, such as buses and ridesharing. Information can be found here:

Additionally, to help with home heating costs, there may be some state funding available through the Department for Children and Families Economic Services Division. They can be reached at 1-800-775-0516 or you can visit your local district office, which can be found here:

While repealing the gas tax is not an option at this time, Governor Scott did work to provide relief to Vermonters this legislative session, including a reduction in property tax rates and tax relief for parents, seniors, low-income families and more. While the Legislature only supported some of these measures, Vermonters will get some relief this coming year and the Governor will continue to pursue policies that make Vermont more affordable and help Vermonters keep more of what they earn.

Again, thank you for reaching out.


Constituent Services Office

Office of Governor Philip B. Scott

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  1. So his answer to the economic problems that exist due to big government reckless spending is a plethora of big government programs. Phil has got to go.

    • I think we need to cut the Governor some slack on the cost of living issue………There really isn’t much he can do to reduce the cost of living in Vermont in the short term…….It’s the legislature’s behavior that needs scrutiny when it comes to cost of living.

      Gov. Scott did successfully veto the Clean Heat Standard, which would have driven up the cost of heating oil substantially for nearly all Vermonters…….This represents a significant cost savings for Vermonters. He also attempted to veto Global Warming Solution Act, which will add billions to the cost of living for Vermonter……As you know, the legislature overrode his veto.

      Along with the Clean Heat Standard, the high cost of living in Vermont can be placed squarely in the lap of the legislature. The legislature is the source of high costs Vermonters face. Heavy regulation arising from the legislature runs up the costs of developing housing, operating businesses and social program costs……..The Governor has issued about 30 vetos in an attempt to beat laws that would add to the cost of living in Vermont.

      Stop and think for a moment…….Would we better if David Zuckerman had been elected Governor?

      • He could start by not drooling all over Biden and his policies. This response is laughable. Your response is more appropriate Mr. Yankowski. Vermonters cry for help. Scott: Live under the boot of big brother. Meanwhile, he fawns over every policy Joe Biden every tossed at the wall, and it is bad federal admin policies that are the cause.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but with the prices of everything going up, isn’t the total taxes paid (State Revenue) on those things also going up, with the notable exception of food? So I would ask Governor Scott, where is all this excess revenue going? Not back to the people, it would seem.

  3. Yep, gettin everyone on the government teet!!! Bringing the top down and the bottom up…bringing in socialism! Name one place socialism has EVER worked?

  4. SUCH a disconnect between the privileged and elite, and those of who saw our lives shattered between 2020 and 2022, financially, affecting every other aspect of our lives, and families.
    How many Vermonters left and moved out of State?
    What are THOSE stats?
    How many left and moved across the river to Nu Hampsha?

    Pie in the sky Scotty.

  5. Wait until the masses discover what their fuel oil, LPG and electricity is going to cost this year. In fact it will also effect coal, pellets and firewood also.
    The fuel taxes are all required for the matching requirements of federal funds. Now what share is “fair” for our subsidized electric driving community?

  6. Don’t worry Montpelier has it under control, yup just add a few more taxes, and don’t worry
    seniors and your fixed income, you can cut back and take the bus !!

    Now that’s leadership……………………….

  7. The letter reads as a cookie cutter, woke millenial, tone deaf form letter. Good work on the copy and paste contact info to other agencies. I’m sure she/he/they/them are paid well with benefits too to sit in the Pavillion (or at home in Burlington) swigging Kabucha and updating social media platforms. Clueless and could care less.

  8. Yup, Montipeculliar along with King Scott is out there helping us Vermonters that are on a fixed income for certain. My fuel budget went from $120/month to $230/month!! and to top it off they are increasing the gas tax by 10%!!! it’s all about the benjamins baby….

  9. But at least we have a republican as governor, right? Success for the GOP. But seriously as much a progressive as he is the fact is that most likely he’s the last republican to be elected to a statewide position thanks in large part to the short sighted GOP establishment.
    Nolan the Scott type clone will likely lose to Petey because as Harry Truman once said, given a choice between a democrat and a democrat the people will vote for the democrat every time.

  10. Less government, imagine how much more money we would all have if there wasn’t all this government, their agencies, regulating offices telling us what we can and cannot do and what it will cost us, relief programs, hand outs . . . Like this pedantic letter says: and more.

  11. Why bother working on the books and paying into Soc Sec when all we have to do is sign up for every govt benefit available to everyone who isn’t a millionaire or billionaire or a politician? Then we can have that utopia of the uber-wealthy and the poverty stricken living on opposite sides of the main road or RR tracks… mansions on one side, shacks on the other. Kinda like San Francisco, only with eight months of snow.

  12. Not a good response from the governor’s office!! Senior citizens on limited income are suffering and he can’t lower or cut the tax on gasoline and other fuels??

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