Vermont vaxxed hospitalized at greater rate than unvaxxed

Alex Berenson
Journalist Alex Berenson, photo credit

By Guy Page

Investigative journalist Alex Berenson reports that since March, vaccinated Vermonters have been more likely than non-vaccinated Vermonters to be hospitalized for Covid-19 variant: “Even accounting for the relative population sizes, vaccinated people were more likely to be hospitalized than the unvaccinated, state data show.” See his Substack page, “Unreported Truths,” for his May 10 column, “MRNA red flags fly ever higher.”

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann (R-Stowe) will not seek re-election. The eight-term lawmaker said she is proudest of her support for economic development and tourism. But she leaves the State House with concerns: “Montpelier believes in the one-size-fits-all, big warehouse approach to education, and toward that end, has wrested almost all control of our local schools and our education from our local communities. My lack of success in this work for local control is my biggest regret.”

The Vermont Legislature on Monday approved Universal School Meals, S.100. The bill requires all Vermont students to have access to two meals per day during the 2022-23 school year. During the past two years, the federal government paid for meals for all students through pandemic waivers. This program expires in June. Under S100, the state will provide reimbursement to schools on top of regular (non-pandemic) federal funding provided for Universal School Meals. The Joint Fiscal Office estimates the one-year cost at about $29 million based on a range of factors. It could be lower or higher.

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  1. Please study statistics, When 93% of the population is vaccinated of course the percentage in the hospital will be larger than the unvaccinated.

    • The point is, obviously the vaccine and boosters don’t work as promised. So why bother? I’m not vaxed and haven’t been sick for three years. I don’t even get flu shots, and I work in health care, with all vaccinated co-workers. I’m forced to test once a week since October, but my vaccinated coworkers who are getting sick with both covid or URIs, or have sick, covid positive kids at home, don’t have to test at all to come to work every week, despite numbers of vaccinated people contracting it. I have had over 30 negative tests to date. Imagine those odds! I have not stopped living my life. I do not shut myself in my house and avoid family and friends, and my natural immunity has not failed me yet. My guess is, those shots are killing natural immunity, and with every booster shot, people are getting sicker, but they call it a new variant. I’m not the only one in health care who feels this way. Many do. Doctors and nurses, alike. We just need our jobs so we shut up and do as we are told. We hate ourselves for not being braver, for not speaking out and speaking up besides in forums like this. At least I do. A few do speak up and push back and have been mostly ignored, or not taken seriously. Others have quit, because they will not allow the government to dictate what goes in their body. “My body, my decision!” Others have quit because they will not be a part of this attack on our freedoms, and they will not be held responsible for harming another human being. In the end, all we can say is we tried. We’ve stuck our necks out, tried to talk to friend and family and co-workers. We can’t save anyone who isn’t willing to believe their own eyes, or listen to that tiny voice saying, “Something just isn’t right, here.” We can’t save anyone who isn’t willing to look, ask questions, seek answers. We come from a place of love and concern and are scoffed at and called names. But we are willing to keep trying to gently raise our voices. Are you willing to listen?

  2. I highly recomend Berenson’s book “Pandemia”. A good read!!

  3. Late night show host Stephen Colbert – the front and center celebrity cheerleader with his 3 jabs has suspended his show due to contracting C-19 twice in 3 weeks. Yes, twice in 3 weeks. Billy Gates apparently has it too. Safe and effective. We haven’t seen anything yet. Morticians are reporting some ghoulish stuff and young athletes are still collapsing. Crimes against humanity.