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Vermont to welcome 100 Afghan refugees

Governor Phil Scott yesterday announced the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) was approved this week by the U.S. Department of State to welcome up to 100 Afghans in Vermont in the weeks ahead. An exact timeline of arrivals has not yet been established.

USCRI is a national nonprofit resettlement agency that assists people who have migrated to the U.S. to help them live safe and dignified lives. USCRI’s Vermont Office, Governor Scott, the State Refugee Office at the Vermont Agency of Human Services and other refugee programs have been pursuing opportunities to welcome refugees over the last several weeks. The goal is to accommodate some of the many Afghans who are being targeted due to support of the U.S. military and U.S. government agencies, as well as media and non-governmental organizations, following the end of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan.

“We have a moral obligation to help the people of Afghanistan, who did so much to help us in the War on Terror,” said Governor Phil Scott. “In addition to this being the right thing to do, we know that welcoming more refugees also strengthens communities, schools, our workforce, culture and economy. I appreciate the federal government’s partnership in helping us welcome more families to Vermont.” 

For years, the Governor has requested annual increases in refugee resettlement in Vermont as part of a comprehensive strategy to increase economic growth and expand Vermont’s workforce. “We are learning from our colleagues at military bases and arrival centers across the country that employment is one of the highest priorities mentioned by these newly arriving Afghans. They are eager to find jobs and rebuild their lives,” added state official Traci Dolan.

USCRI Vermont will work closely with the State, as well as with schools, employers, landlords, and health and social service programs, to meet the needs of arriving Afghans and of the community. Before they arrive in Vermont, Afghans will have completed medical and security screenings, and will be authorized to work. USCRI is continuing to respond to Vermont volunteers and businesses interested in offering support.

The State Department also approved the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) to open a new field office in Brattleboro. ECDC is a resettlement agency that works with refugees from around the world and hired Joe Wiah, who will begin his new role as director of the Brattleboro Office on September 20. ECDC plans to submit a proposal to the State Department to welcome 25 Afghans to Brattleboro in the coming months.

“ECDC is grateful for the support it has received from the Brattleboro community, the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation, the Community Asylum Seekers Project, Shapiro Foundation and the Braden-Harder & Lawrence Harder Charitable Fund to open a new branch office, the ECDC Multicultural Community Center,” said Jessica Chapman, Community Outreach Manager, ECDC. “After many months of planning and discussions we look forward to starting the work of welcoming refugees and Special Immigrant Visa holders to the southern part of Vermont.” 

The State will continue to provide additional information on the resettlement of Afghans in Vermont as more details become available.

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  1. There is NO WAY that they can vet these people. Yes, it feels good to help refugees, IF they truly did help us in Afghanistan, but that can’t be verified by the incompetents in DC. If all these people come here to live, who is going to fight for their country and allow them to live freely? Answer – no one.

  2. Ahem, you see radical Islam destroyed their nation and they really want to become a part of ours. Rumor has it they heard of a progressive resource somewhere in Grand Isle and are hoping to occupy some beautiful open waterfront properties there …. working at Bernie’s Granja de Pollos!

  3. Are they vaccinated? Oh that’s right only American citizens have to. Don’t believe me? Google Biden’s press spokesperson Jen Psaki. When asked she said that’s correct. What??? We are such an complacent people. Scares me.

  4. It’s amazing how much Scott is always willing to help anyone but those he serves…

    While those he serves need to bow down to draconian mandates.

  5. Every day Scott proves that he hates the people of Vermont and is a traitor to all American people. These Afghans are islamic terrorists and I hope their first target is Phil Scott.

  6. The MORAL Obligation is to the CITIZENS OF THE STATE OF VERMONT! There is currently a Huge Housing Shortage for citizens of the State of Vermont. Vermont’s economy has been strangled On Purpose for a Long Time and it shows, the evidence is in Plain Sight.

    The Truth is in Plain Sight, it’s the Marxist Government of Vermont.

  7. So the amount of homeless in Vermont is on the rise – Sears encampment in Burlington featured on WCAX this week….moving Afghans to communities housing Africans – anticipate religous and tribal violence as witnessed in European settlements. Appears our adminstration is on pace to destroy Vermont as fast as possible. When will the Canadian border be wide open? Expect the UN to be deployed here as Phil is Mr. Globalist comrad now.

  8. So “refugees (& immigrants) strengthens our communities, schools, workforce, culture, and economy”? Three recent cases come to mind, Pazos, from South America who stabbed his social worker to death, the man from Nepal who hacked his wife to death and his mother in law w/a meat cleaver, and the Jamaican who shot his girlfriend to death then fled and was recently captured. I’m sure there’s more if I wanted to spend some time digging on the internet, it’s sometimes called “Failure To Thrive” syndrome. And if all these fine folks did “so much to help us in the GWOT” (Global War On Terror) then why do so many “translators” need translators being sought for the military bases where they’re housed? And “culturally”, to some of these folks we are considered “infidels” but then again, to our OWN government we are still considered “irredeemables” and “extremists” if we don’t toe the Liberal line or “racists” if we don’t agree, which is funny as all these folks are Caucasians but no matter. The Hell with our own working poor and homeless citizens for THEY were born “privileged” and don’t deserve help from their own state nor Washington DC, they can fend for themselves somehow or live in tents roadside or in the woods. Wonderful, thanks Phil!

  9. Its apparent that the global reset that Biden has agreed to is in full swing. Klaus Schwab said utmost on the reset list is to collapse American society so the world can be rebuilt. The vaccine was used to depopulate the world and Biden needed to do his part by getting 75% of Americans to take the jab. Its clear that won’t happen now that 70 people per day are dying from the Covid 19 VACCINE per the United States Database. We need the refugees to work to take the jobs vacated by the vaccine deaths and permanent disabilities caused by the jab. Plan B to depopulate the USA is to take down the infrastructure for energy, water, food, and shelter, by regulating it to death under the guise of global climate change but sabotage isn’t out of the question allowing terrorist plots to take place. Biden has set the stage for these things to take place by his foreign policy and border policy. Refugees aren’t the problem. Sociopath elitist need to be identified and denounced.

  10. Meanwhile:


    ‘Milwaukee in grip of worst violence in modern history…’

    “IT WAS A MISTAKE” (seven of them were kids)


    …and the Vermont Agency of Education threatens to withhold funding from Ripton, VT school district because it chose to withdraw its public school from its supervisory union.

    What, me worry.

  11. I too would like to know where the refugees are to be housed. I guess I have a problem with the refugees getting housed when the Americans that fought in that country – live in tents in the woods. If housing is available for 100 Afgan refugees – why wasn’t it made available to 100 American veterans?

  12. I think it’s time that Vermont does a forensic audit too. Between the “opened armed” welcome of the “illegals” now we are bringing in this new bunch of illegals. Is the plan set to bring them here to take over the jobs of all those that the government is paying to stay home so the businesses have had to close. What about all the homeless. I am sure these people will walk right into great apartments while the Vermonters that have lived here and worked here their whole life go without food and housing. The middle of the road people that tried to work through this plandemic that have lost everything now will be pushed to the roadside to “WELCOME” this new infux of voters for the party that is bringing them here. The deep staters and RINOS that have taken over our state and country. . Will they be mandated to get the shot or is it just for us lifers of this fair state. the same way it is not being taken by those in government. Don’t forget this when the next election comes around but it won’t change things because the last one was so corrupt. Until the state has a full forensic audit like the rest of the states that are, we will lose our state to Bernie and his “gang” of liberal communist. For those that love the “Bern” do you know when he came to Vermont and lived with the hippie movement. He was a communist then and still is only now he has made his way to the Big House to control us peons while becoming very rich off us hard working Vermonters. Unfortunately he brought his “buddies” with him to make sure he stays in the position to rip us off Wonder how much it cost him to get those votes.. I refuse to say he is from Vermont.

  13. Can someone explain to me who thought it was a good idea to say “While You’re At It, send the parolees too! The violent crime parolees! “ ? I thought I was hallucinating when I read that. Are these people crazy? They don’t even want their own prisoners and now they’re taking international prisoners”.

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