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Two state troopers resign over off-duty comments made while playing video games

No bias found in police work, not all allegations substantiated

Following an internal investigation of their off-duty online gaming behavior, the Vermont State Police Friday, March 31 announced the resignation of two troopers assigned to the Westminster Barracks.

The voluntary resignations of Nathan Greco and Nathan Jensen were effective Friday, March 31. The Vermont State Police began investigating the troopers’ conduct in early February after VSP and Department of Public Safety leadership received complaints that the troopers had used inappropriate and racist comments as they played an online game while off duty. The comprehensive investigation was unable to substantiate every allegation raised against the troopers, but the information that was corroborated represented a serious violation of the Vermont State Police Code of Conduct.

Also during the course of VSP’s investigation, no evidence was uncovered indicating the troopers displayed bias in their policework. Greco and Jensen took full responsibility and expressed profound regret for their off-duty actions. They also acknowledged the damage their conduct has had on the Vermont State Police, and they apologized for their behavior to the people of Vermont, their colleagues, and Department of Public Safety and VSP leadership.

Jensen was hired in July 2018 and assigned to Westminster upon graduation from the Vermont Police Academy in January 2019. Greco was hired in October 2021 and assigned to Westminster upon graduation from the academy in March 2022.

This matter is now considered closed, and no other members have been found to have violated VSP’s Code of Conduct.

On Wednesday, the State Police Advisory Commission was consulted and concurs with the determination by Commissioner of Public Safety Jennifer Morrison that misconduct had occurred warranting discipline up to and including termination. SPAC has authorized the release of this information. The Vermont State Police is fulfilling its obligations under Act 56 and has reported all applicable violations to the Vermont Criminal Justice Council.

Due to confidentiality requirements surrounding personnel matters and internal investigations, no further information is available.

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  1. Please. Here’s what Vermonters used to believe: “You can’t legislate lifestyle”. Or common sense, kindness, or even couth for that matter. But what you CAN legislate is: Freedom of Speech. And by golly, it ONCE was the law of the land in this country.

    These guys were off duty and whatever they uttered was between themselves and their God — NOT their employer – under the circumstances as described. Let those without sin cast the first stone.

    Lots o’ luck hiring sinless police candidates, VT State Police! You seem to be pretty unlucky just trying to hire candidates. Period. Guess the repercussions of the extremist groups & individuals who ignited the “Defund the Police” campaign ought to be treated at least as “equitably” as these officers are being treated? I mean, people actually died and all on account of those “inappropriate & racist” comments and actions…..

  2. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.

    Vote for HILLARY in ’24 TEXT: 59925!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Constitutional Republic to Banana Republic to Marxism in just a few short years; how tragic. The worst is yet to come. Culling via Covid19 was merely the beginning of our end………

  3. This is disgraceful. Especially now that police are under attack.
    This was deliberate.

  4. Disgraceful, especially now that police are under attack.
    This was deliberate.

  5. This is very sad news to hear, I think someone should follow our legislatures around to make sure they are held to higher standards when they are off duty!

  6. This scenario is sure to provide a great boost to recruiting in the already-dwindling rolls of our State Police, now that prospective candidates know that their PRIVATE COMMENTS can be used to terminate them and wreck their careers. Next time you hear some brazen junkie breaking into your home in the wee hours, call a Diversity. Equity and Inclusion expert to respond.

  7. This is completely unacceptable they were off duty and didn’t say they were vsp. Not to mention it was at their homes and on their personal equipment. This has nothing to do with vsp.

  8. Utterly disgraceful. The brain-dead Powers That Be don’t seem to realize they are shooting themselves in the foot with moronic actions such as this. Who needs to defund the police when the police are already self-destructing? How admirable and much more useful it would be if they concerned themselves more with the qualities that make good policing and less with whether words said in private might hurt someone else’s feelings.

  9. These guys probably don’t realize fate has smiled upon them. There is a good chance this may have saved at least one of their lives and defiantly saved both their sanity and their dignity.

  10. My comment is in support of what was said but rather to highlight hypocrisy. The same people who leaked this and wanted heads to roll also support a presidential administration that has trained its members to state “those comments were made in a private capacity”. Watch congressional hearings if you don’t know what I’m saying.

  11. I sure hope I can get out of here before Vermont gets what’s coming.