Letter from the Publisher

Vermont news goes national

by Guy Page

I want to thank you and every other reader for helping Vermont Daily Chronicle achieve its BEST MONTH EVER in readership. October views and visitors blew every previous month out of the water. The Chronicle had more than twice as many views (stories read) and three times as many visitors (readers visiting the site) as any previous month. 

It happened for two reasons. 

First, our Vermont reader subscriptions continue to climb and climb. We’re well over 3,000 now. Thank you for subscribing and for telling your friends about us. If you haven’t done that already PLEASE share or email them a glowing reference and this link. The happy reader is a newspaper’s best salesman. Thank you in advance for providing this vital service.

Second, Vermont news, as reported by Vermont Daily Chronicle, is making an impact on the national scene. 

On October 4, the Epoch Times reported the story of Karen “Kay Sea” Skau, who in May was physically attacked on the State House lawn and, days later, fired for refusing to wear a mask on the job. The Epoch Times cited the May 21 Chronicle as a source and, more importantly, offered a link to our May coverage of the assault. 

Our September 30 story on 76% of September Covid-19 deaths happening to vaccinated Vermonters went powerfully viral on Twitter and Facebook for weeks to come. InfoWars and many other news sites mentioned the story. To many readers nationwide facing vaccine mandates, this high ‘breakthrough’ rate justified their lack of scientific faith in the Covid-19 vaccine. Even today, it’s in the top 10 most-read stories.

Last week, Gun Owners of Vermont president Eric Davis fired off a Facebook post calling baloney on the idea that actor Alec Baldwin held no responsibility for the death of the woman he accidentally shot dead with a prop gun on a movie set. The Chronicle’s republication as an op-ed got the attention of nationwide pro-2A news sites and the New York Post. As it turned out, Baldwin came to Manchester last week for much-needed R&R –  giving the Post the opportunity to write a story including this paragraph:

“Eric Davis, president of Gun Owners of Vermont, penned a scathing op-ed that ran in the Vermont Daily Chronicle on Wednesday — hours before photos emerged of Baldwin hiding out in the Green Mountain State.”

So, thank you, New York Post! And thank you Epoch Times and all of the other alternative, conservative media whose readers also are growing as Americans realize they’re only getting one side of the news – the liberal side – from much of the mainstream media. But most of all – from my heart – thank you Reader, for supporting the work and recommending Vermont Daily Chronicle to your friends. 

The election of a conservative governor in Virginia yesterday gives hope to Americans who have wondered if we would ever see a fair and free election again. But good news or bad, and for national and in-state readers alike, we’ll keep the news from the Green Mountain State coming. 

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  1. Guy I have been Posting Your Stuff , Nationally and Internationally . I have followers from Many Nations and many states in America

    • Bob, is the case in Superior Court or Vermont Federal Court? Can you give us the case specifics?

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