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Vermont, N.H. AGs to board boat and “perambulate the border”

The border between New Hampshire and Vermont is not the center of the Connecticut River.

The U.S. Supreme Court nearly one century ago settled a border dispute that came to a head in 1917 when, per a Vermont Attorney General’s Office announcement, New Hampshire attempted to tax a paper mill that was located partially in the riverbed of the Connecticut River adjacent to Bellows Falls. Eighteen years later, the dispute was resolved when a Special Master appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the boundary was the low-water mark on the Vermont side of the river.

The states’ respective legislatures directed a periodic perambulation to survey the border. So, this morning at 11 a.m. between Hanover and Norwich, officials will meet for the 12th time since 1935 to perambulate the border.

VT Attorney General Charity Clark and NH Attorney General John Formella will meet at the Friends of Dartmouth Rowing Boathouse dock and then board a boat to officially inspect the Connecticut River shoreline/official state border. They will be joined by surveyors from both states. – today’s Journal Opinion newsletter

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  1. Well our tax dollars will be spent on a nice boat ride for them, but the dam in Wilder might be an obstacle to get over! OOPS

  2. Forget the river. I think NH should annex Vermont, so we can part of America again. And if they are smart they will give Burlington to NY.

      • Yeah, I kind of resent that thinking. Literally only 3 people from Southeastern VT were chosen for the Governors committee list just published the other day. One from Marlboro, one from Vernon and one from Putney. That is 3 out of 180 posts to committees. Highly underrepresented.
        We are not Mass. We are part of VT but the rest of VT doesn’t seem to think so. Heck even the newscasters/meteorologists talk about Bennington and then move over to Keene NH. What gives anyway?

  3. My property is bordered by a brook on its western side. My deed reads exactly the same as the Vt. N. H. border. The low water mark of the western shore.

  4. A taxpayer funded “Junket,” probably complete with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.
    Alas, the passengers weren’t as classy a Bogart and Hepburn. But then again, Vermont politicians haven’t been classy since Coolidge…