Vermont media covers critics of Critical Race Theory

By Guy Page

Seven Days, Vermont’s left-leaning weekly newspaper, and John Walters, Vermont’s favorite over-the-top socialist blogger, both reported on the Friday May 28 meeting of parents and community members concerned about Critical Race Theory in the equity curriculum of the Essex-Westford School District. 

What they wrote tells much about their own views and prejudices.

Seven Days thrives while other newspapers are failing because it does such a good job of publishing news and opinion that appeals to its core audience – the social and political progressives who believe they control the Vermont State House, the education system, and the media. Like Jezebel of old, these readers’ ascent to power has made them increasingly intolerant of critics. Still, 7D publisher Paula Routly knows almost a third of Vermonters are conservatives. She knows they read news and patronize advertisers, too. The 7D news coverage, while rarely ‘just the facts ma’am’ bias-free, often will factually present all sides. 

As is the case with its June 2 story, “Essex Becomes a Battlefield in the Public School Culture Wars.” 7D correctly reported that I led the 100+ audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Why this is newsworthy, I don’t know – even the woke Vermont Legislature still stands, faces Old Glory, and says the Pledge of Allegiance. (Perhaps more notable is that in the House of Representatives press gallery, only one reporter regularly stands and joins them – me.)

7D also covered a pro-CRT meeting being held in a church across the street. Good for them for covering both sides! However, the choice of descriptive verbs betrayed a bias. No-one in the pro-CRT meeting ever “snickered” at comments, as they are said to have done in the meeting I attended. Instead they “chuckled” – a much friendlier response. 

Your favorite uncle chuckles. Your idiot nephew snickers. 

7D’s understated dislike of CRT critics was in stark contrast to Walters’ observations. 

Let the reader understand: among the Vermont media, John Walters is the #1 self-appointed hall monitor. (This is especially true now that 7D columnist Dave Gram has retired, for health reasons, and we wish him all the best.) If Vermont were a Progressive institution of learning – and it is – that teacher’s aide who stands in the hallway and insists that every student walk in a STRAIGHT ROW, NO TALKING, and visits woe on the independent soul? John Walters.  

For example, he calls Sen. Russ Ingalls the “new contender for Worst Lawmaker in Montpelier” because Ingalls told the crowd: “The Democrats believe that all police are racist, and they also believe that nobody should be in jail and that the vast majority of the ones that are incarcerated are because of no fault of their own.”

According to Hall Monitor Walters, Ingalls is way out of line. But…but…didn’t Sen. Kesha Ram (D-Chittenden) say ‘there is no such thing as a good officer?’ And hasn’t Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George said people don’t belong in prison? Hasn’t the Legislature decided our racist criminal justice system discriminates against people of color? Isn’t there legislation pushing ‘decarceration’? 

Walters goes on to hit the usual leftist media talking points: CRT critics are hatemongering racists. Conservative journalists aren’t journalists at all. Yadayadayada.

Wouldn’t it be great if Walters, Seven Days and the rest of the Vermont media would welcome – even lead! – an honest, open discussion about how to overcome racism in our criminal justice and educational systems.

That kind of willingness is lacking in our media and in the Legislature. Walters argues that CRT is misunderstood by its critics. If that’s true, it’s because not much learning happens whenever a critic like Essex school board member Liz Cady gets stonewalled by the district and is threatened with ridiculous ‘conflict of interest’ complaints from CRT activists. Or when a school principal like Windsor’s Tiffany Riley gets fired for questioning BLM.

As a man at the ‘other’ meeting across the street said, “The elephant in the room is fear.” That’s true but perhaps not how he meant it. Elected officials (except souls like Cady and Ingalls who have counted the cost) fear ostracism. No-one likes being the only kid eating alone in the cafeteria. Concerned parents worry the school will somehow ‘take it out on my kid.’ Yet as parents meet together and stand together as they did Friday night, and as brave officials like Cady and Ingalls become the rule and not the exception, the grip of fear will weaken. 

“The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” – Thomas Paine

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  1. As a recovering liberal, I never dreamed the day liberalism could and would mutate into the unblinking, wine-drunk cyclops, Polyphemus. The monster placed a boulder in the way out of the cave for Ulysses and his men, and we all know what happened to most of them. Odysseus and the other uneaten Greeks carved a great wooden spear, and thrust its burning-hot tip through the sleeping man-eating brute’s only eye. That spear is our First Amendment, and people like Guy Page and Russ Ingalls are wielding it. I’m running out of that cave behind these sword and sandaled Greeks.
    I cannot get over how cool I thought liberalism was and how dumb Republicans were in the seventies thru the turn of that century. We are now the anti-establishment because liberal democracy has become a drunk, giant cannibal, who cannot and will not listen to reason. Disagree with CRT, BLM, BDS, LGBTQ, Transgender, yadda, yadda, you are a racist, or, worse. a hertosexual white person.

  2. I believe it is safe to say a good portion of VT media (TV, radio, major newspapers) are all in on the propaganda wash, rinse, spin, repeat. Whatever is being reported and touted nationally, suddenly is a Vermont issue…racism is the big one – it’s a national emergency, a state emergency, a local emergency. The past 18 months, we the people, are super-spreaders and racists. The longer this all goes on, it is apparent we are being subjected to psychological, disinformation warfare-MK Ultra style. The psycho circus is the real national, state, local emergency and WWIII rages on in the background barely noticed.

  3. Well said, Guy. I’ve enjoyed reading Vermont Daily since subscribing recently. Regarding 7D, I too see the paper at least trying to be fair, albeit to avoid alienating too many potential readers. As for CRT, it’s been out there, under other names, for many years, & definitely needs to be challenged when it rears its head. If you plan to be in the Lyndon area at some point & have time for lunch, email me! It’d be nice to catch up with you.

  4. Re: John Walters and his Vermont Political Observer blog:

    In fairness, I’ve engaged Mr. Walters on many of his commentaries, including this one. If anything, he seems slow to respond because he is, apparently, a one-horse wagon. But he does respond, eventually. His latest commentary on the recen Essex meetings is nothing short of being as bigoted and racist as he accuses the folks at the meeting with Liz Cady of being.

    Suffice it to say, I did not open my comment to Mr. Walters with that remark in the hope of engaging him and his few followers to further discussion on the matter. This is what I posted on his blog.

    “If anyone is interested in viewing the actual Essex Town Hall meeting referenced here and featuring Essex school board member, Liz Cady, here it is.

    John, your commentary is misleading by any standard. Again, as Nietzsche said: ‘Be careful when fighting monsters that you don’t become a monster, for when you stare long into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you.’

    I welcome this discussion and hope that it’s not censored.”

    Mr. Walters has not yet published my comment, nor has he opined on it. When he does (or doesn’t, as the case may be), I’ll advise Daily Chronicle readers accordingly. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to venture into the progressive’s lion’s den. Voice your opinions – politely to be sure. Always take the emotional high road. It strengthens your position on most matters, especially when compared to the toothless vitriol expressed by Mr. Walters and the progressive left.

    • For the record, Mr. Walters published my remarks (at least most of it) on June 7, so far without further comment.

    • I suspect they certainly would opt for private/religious schools if the State’s average tuition voucher was available to them, as it is already for many parents. That’s the key afterall. Let parents choose the school they believe best meets the needs of their children and let the leftists do the same. As has been said before, when the money follows the student, we’ll see who really wants the CRT, pansexual, anti-religious dogma taught to their children.

  5. Why not let violent people simply assault, rob, murder at will? That will weed pout those of us who are too weak to resist, and too honest to behave criminally?
    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”—Voltaire.

  6. In my opinion, the CRT in “Critical Race Theory” should really stand for Communist Race Theory or Cultural Revolutionary Theory, because it is Marxist to the core. It is a revolution, Communist-style, using race instead of economics as the basis for its attack on an entire nation, its history, and its population. It has similarities to Mao’s Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s. Mao starved 60,000,000 of his own people to death to bring about his vision of equality. Some of the CRT race baiters would love to drop such a hammer on, for example, Trump-supporting American conservatives if they could get away with it.

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