Gas taxes to rise July 1

10% more taxes at the pump compared to a year ago

by Guy Page

Taxes on gasoline sold in Vermont will rise July 1, the Vermont Fuel Dealers report. Total state and federal taxation will be 55.36 cents per gallon (cpg), about a 10% tax increase from a year ago. 

Much of the added revenue will go to the Vermont Transportation Fund, which supports state transportation funding. This year’s transportation budget is $200 million larger than any previous budget, and includes heavy spending for electric cars and infrastructure, electric bicycles, and subsidies for public transportation. The state’s transportation budget also draws heavily on federal funding.

The Vermont Motor Fuel Transportation Infrastructure Assessment Fee (MFTIAF) and Motor Fuel Tax Assessment Fee (MFTAF) for July, August, and September have been set. Both of these fees are indexed to the retail cost of a gallon of gasoline – which is at record levels this spring. 

Other components of gasoline taxation are based on gallons sold, regardless of the retail price per gallon.

Total state and federal taxes on gasoline sold in Vermont will be 55.36 cents per gallon (cpg) in Q3 2022. The new rate is a 4.36 cpg increase from the prior quarter and a 5.68 cpg increase from a year ago. 

Go to to find out the new rates, an explanation of how Vermont taxes motor fuels, and other helpful information.

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  1. “…..includes heavy spending for electric cars and infrastructure, electric bicycles, and subsidies for public transportation…” So we working people can look forward to increased suffering at the pump and etc., whilst our latte sipping woke neighbors enjoy playing with their electric toys. Great. Just great.

    • Robbing gas Peter to pay electric Paul. Meanwhile they can’t keep traffic lines painted.

  2. Unbelievable this is even being considered under our current circumstances …and all that FED (our tax dollars) money that has come to the state……, criminal

  3. Just what we need! (Compliments of our Democrat super majority!). And at the same time, other states have a moratorium on their gas taxes!)

  4. How stunningly tone deaf do you have to be, as other states seriously consider suspending or reducing gas taxes, to tell consumers you’re planning on increasing their cost of gasoline?

  5. Sure Vermont kick us right in the butt when we already can’t make ends meet. And you whine and cry cause our young folks are leaving the State. Wish I was much younger I would be gone too.

  6. returning money to taxpayers goes against the grain of almost every politician. tax and spend is all they know. now susidising wealthy is part of the plan

  7. If Vermont were to, say, care about their constituents, they would drop all taxes on purpose on July 1st and move the money from somewhere else. After all didn’t they receive a billion and a half of extra covid funds? The same funds that are the partial cause of the inflation that we see causing gas prices and general goods as well as food prices to rise so sharply?

    Let’s not forget the other causes: The Democratic machine shutting down pipelines, refineries, fracking and drilling, burning down food processing plants, paying Farmers to kill their crops, and ordering the execution of their birds based upon a false test kind of like they did to their citizens.

    I mean someone who’s intelligent would have seen something like this coming….

    Unfortunately intelligence has gone out the window and virtue signaling has taken its place.

  8. Only representatives with their elections all fortified up could actually do something so totally tone deaf.

  9. NY’s gas prices were about $.02 higher than VTs last week. I’ll give my money to NY or NH now.

  10. Don’t get me wrong, I hate fluff taxes to supplement bad policy. But maybe, just maybe, this tax is a blessing in disguise. We all know the out of sight gas prices.
    In November maybe Vermonter’s will wake -up and clean house in Montpelier. It’s high time to remove the parasite’s that without any conscience or integrity and be removed from office who are making Vermonter’s poorer. Time for some Common Sense in our Legislature. Maybe this new gas tax will be enough (we can only pray) to open Vermonter’s eyes.

    • That’s if that lazy 20% actually gets out and votes.

      They constantly say it doesn’t matter, we’ll spend the 20 minutes and help the rest of us

    • First of all, it’s not Vermonters electing these boobs. Second, when progressive flatland resettlers start electing Republicans you will see donkeys flying.

      • Yeah I randomly met a Facebook executive director today.

        The reason they moved from California were a lot of reasons none of them the politicians for the record, but they’re running out of water. I conveniently reminded them that the reason that they’re out of water right now is because of the governor that they elected decided that it would be a good idea to empty their entire reservoir into the sea for 30 fish that were on the endangered species list.

        They shrugged it off like that wasn’t the reason the real reason of course is because there wasn’t enough runoff because there wasn’t enough snow caps this year. Now anyone with half a brain not making $300,000 a year might understand that the reason that you would keep a reservoir is because it’s a stock of water when you can’t get other water. Their solution is that if you can create oil pipelines they should have created water pipelines. I guess they don’t know their history of the aqueducts in California either.

        Please don’t come here if you’re that ignorant.

  11. My husband just drove 6 weeks daily for cancer treatment 65 miles round was so tough for us middle class folks to see the gas prices rise almost daily…. these folks making the laws do NOT have a clue about you and me …. sad, sad, sad…

  12. Could our legislators despise us any more blatantly?
    Why are only half of them leaving office?
    EV’s are temporary …. everything is pointing to total government transportation and housing …. for the majority – not for the over educated politburo

  13. This is getting so ridiculous on a daily basis. Raise the gas price, raise the gad tax. After 2+ years of keeping people locked up, they have had ENOUGH!! For the love of god. Stop the insane spending. Electric this, electric that. All electric was tried in the 70’s it failed miserably. At that time we had Yankee and Hydro Quebec. It is time to vote these dimwits out!! We need a governor who acts like he cares about his constituents. WHY is everyone in Montpelier jumping ship? Why are all the dept heads and secretaries jumping ship? What is coming down the pike that no one is telling us? Does anyone even care? Or is Stockholm Syndrome working????? Maybe it is time to stop buying electric cars and bicycles. Everytime I go by one of those racks of bikes by the quarter, they are full. Who uses them?

  14. Gotta love it. Raise the gas tax so us poor chumps still driving those (oh the horror!) gas engine vehicles get to help rich people buy their new electric cars and bikes. And then of course we get to subsidize their EV chargers on our electric bills. I’m driving a small fuel efficient sub compact car and a EV is way out of reach but I get to go to work and pay with my tax dollars so those wealthier than me can buy their new toys. What is wrong with this state that they don’t get it?

  15. The increased cost not only for personal vehicles or equipment, but what about towns or municipalities with fleets of vehicles for police and/or maintenance? Towns and cities will increase budgets to cover the increased fuel tax. Municipal and town buildings heat their buildings with ? Anyone seen the costs of heating fuels lately? We pay fuel and power costs for schools and municipal/town buildings. See how this works? Vermonters, go to your local select boards or local councils and start giving them the business end of a stern reality check. Every day, every week until they face reality and start twisting some ears and arms up the ladder. Enough pointing out the obvious – take action!

  16. We recently bought a barrel of oil which was $500.00 more than the last barrel purchased. It was taxed at 7%, so the extra tax on the 1 barrel of oil came to $35.00.

  17. Who wants to run against guv milquetoast? He wants vermont to be leading the country in everything any normal thinking person (non liberal) abhors. I wonder what transpired during the guv’s zoom meeting with some European leaders back in the winter? Any guesses?

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